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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Rob Moseley and KVAL shot the video of Chip Kelly and Darron Thomas as the team prepares for Nevada. Rob also has a short article that discusses some injuries, most notably, Kenjon Barner.

 FishDuck provides us with his spin on the LSU game with video and play diagrams.

 Aaron Fentress notes the season is far from over.

Points of concern to work on included cleaning up penalties (Oregon committed 12 on Saturday), taking care of the football (the Ducks committed four turnovers) and blocking better upfront (Oregon managed just 95 yards rushing on 28 carries). But these things weren’t emphasized anymore than usual, Kelly said. In fact, he said Monday was a typical Monday practice. 

That’s because, nobody’s panicking in Eugene. 

“I feel more confident than I did after (losing at) Boise two years ago,” left guard Carson York said. “We moved the ball when we wanted to move it. We killed ourselves a lot with penalties, mental errors and turnovers.”

Dale Newton grades the LSU game and then takes a first look at Nevada.

The best antidote for a miserable, demoralizing loss is a confidence-building win. The Ducks play host to the Nevada Wolfpack on Saturday in Autzen Stadium, and their goal is to be inhospitable and vengeful hosts.


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