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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 KVAL looks at the the 40-27 loss to LSU and shared the video above.

 It's hard to post about this loss. We were over-matched, had too many mistakes via penalties and fumbles, a lot of poorly thrown balls, play calling I didn't agree with and the list goes on. There were brief flashes of things to come, I liked Hoffman, DAT will be a force one day and when we get back to Autzen I expect a good ass-kicking next week. Links to the game stories next.

 Ken Woody says the Ducks were in over their heads, Ted Miller beleives Oregon still hasn't arrived, Jason Vondersmith says these are young Ducks and they need a chance to regroup, and Steve Summers believes it was the mistakes that did the Ducks in.

Dale Newton noted the following from his analysis of the game:

It's clear this is a team that will have to grow week-by-week, and will have to earn every victory. They'll have to stop admiring themselves in the mirror and get to work. Nevada comes this week, in the friendly confines of Autzen. Then Missouri State, a game to develop the depth on the roster and compete against their vision. In the season's fourth week in Arizona, they face Nick Foles and Juron Criner in the Arizona desert to begin PAC-12 play. They have the opportunity to be a much better team by then.

The Ducks can still have a very good season, but it will take coaching, leadership and commitment. The successes of the past prove they are capable of all three.

I will have a YouTube video of the Oregon highlights later today. Probably a very short video as there weren't many (sigh)...



DDubbs76 said...

Dad's first highlight video that is less than a minute long...sigh...

DuckStud said...

Not only that but the TV took a big shit last night...might be tomorrow before a highlight vid is ready...TV shopping today...uggghhh

Anonymous said...

That's because u were throwing stuff at it.