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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Game Day - GO DUCKS!
 Ted Miller has some interesting facts about the games today in his "did you know" piece and lots of them have to do with Oregon. Here's just one:

Oregon led FBS in 2010 with 45 touchdown drives that lasted two minutes or less. The Ducks also led FBS with 23 touchdown drives of three plays or fewer.

I hope to see some of that action today.

 George Schroeder compares Chip Kelly and Les Miles in an article that I actually liked for  a change. George has become the antithesis of Rob Moseley lately if you haven't noticed. Here's how the story starts:

All you need to know about the divergent reputations of Chip Kelly and Les Miles is captured in two new promotional ads for ESPN’s College GameDay.

In about two seconds, Kelly decodes one of those complicated posters the Ducks use to signal plays.

Miles eats grass.

That’s the matchup Saturday, when Oregon meets LSU: The football savant vs. the Mad Hatter. has everything you need to know if you are attending the game in person.

eDuck's Wade Evanson is ready for football after spending 8 months listening to all of the predictions on how today's game will go.

But the only thing I really know for sure; I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m tired of others trying to tell me they do.

Prediction time. Most pundits like LSU in a close game such as Matt Hayes at The Sporting News but there are others who like Oregon's chances, such as Rob Moseley. Dale Newton likes the Ducks, no surprise there, but there are lots of comments on his post with divergent opinions, good stuff.

Personally, I am going with the Ducks 33 - LSU 27. I will have a highlight video posted tomorrow on my YouTube channel as well as here.


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DDubbs76 said...

I can't believe it's here...GO DUCKS!