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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Rob Moseley posts the video of CK following practice yesterday.

 The Solid Verbal guys, Ty and Dan, talk to Rob Moseley about the upcoming game at Cowboy Stadium.

 Continuing with the Rob Moseley theme, Rob goes into depth on the depth chart.

 Can De'Anthony Thomas walk the walk? Ted Miller thinks it's highly possible?

Thomas, nicknamed "The Black Mamba" at Crenshaw High School, was rated the nation's No. 16 overall prospect last year by ESPN Recruiting. His senior season, he rushed for 1,306 yards -- averaging 11.4 yards per carry -- and caught 16 passes for 349 yards and totaled 27 touchdowns. 

More than a few folks have compared his speed and ability to change direction to Reggie Bush.

 Lindsay Schnell notes that Chip Kelly craves the big game.

"It's the challenge," Kelly said of why he likes to schedule these type of games. "If you want to be the best you have to measure yourself against the best. Since I've been here we've played at Michigan, at Boise (State) and we'll continue to play them if people will play us. This school and this team won't back down to anyone."

 Kirk Herbstreit has plenty of love for Oregon in his 11th annual Herbie Awards including the ultimate prize.

 Kurt Liedtke (aka keeerrrttt1) takes a historical look at Oregon track athletes who turn to football players and have had great success in the NFL. Must read.

 Dale Newton believes the Ducks must do certain things to counteract the LSU formula and avoid disaster.

The Ducks play bold, confident football. They don't play safe and they don't play scared. Chip Kelly has taught them to trust their preparation, even at their own goal line. The fake punts, onside kicks, going for two and going for more out of their own end zone has sent them a message they'll remember in any situation: be audacious. Don't be afraid of giving up a big play. Make one.


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