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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Rob Moseley has your Wednesday practice update and includes the video above where CK answers reporters questions and offers the following assessment.

Today almost sounded like a walk-through, sending different groups on and off the field to ensure that various personnel know their assignments. Tomorrow will feature another practice in Autzen with officials, and while Kelly hasn't been terming those "scrimmages," I suspect they're fairly intense practices with some live hitting at times.

 Nick Aliotti isn't sweating the unknowns on both sides of the ball, Rob Moseley has the story.

 Ken Goe takes a look at the tight end position and there is an included video with TE coach Tom Osbourne.

 Dale Newton believes if there is one player who can come in and play well on short reps it is Josh Huff.

 Considering that George Schroeder has almost become Clownzano's step brother, his piece on "Ducks in for ol’ fashioned roof raising" seems rather mild. Pretty good read on the upcoming LSU game.

Kurt Liedtke has a great article on how family connections run deep at Oregon.

Oregon openly embraces making sure that people have a life outside of football, and coaches maintain an open door policy to be able to talk about anything at any time.  Speak to former student-athletes today, and they still look at their Oregon coaches as father figures, some even go so far as to refer to coaches as “dad” when they see them. Check out the complete article here.


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The next phase...actual practices to get ready for's getting close!