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Friday, August 19, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice update and provides the video above where CK takes reporters questions. Rob notes that yesterday was a competition day and the offense went wire-to-wire as they won the day, 172-161. Rob also has this story on DT as he talks with reporters about the trip back from Portland with Cliff Harris.

 Chris Courtney was on hand for practice and noted some outstanding plays from a couple of wide receivers.

Some stars for the offense today were wide receivers Eric Dungy and Rahsaan Vaughn; two players who caught nearly everything thrown their way and who were consistent moving the ball down the field. In fact, the past few days have arguably been Dungy's best as a Duck; showing a particular propensity for getting behind the secondary and making leaping catches over defenders, as of late.

 Rebuilding an offensive line is a test of trial and error and making the right parts fit. Rob Moseley has the story.

Continuity and communication are paramount on any offensive line. But [O-line coach Steve] Greatwood is willing to sacrifice a little of each early in camp for the sake of getting his linemen all comfortable playing different spots with different teammates, and to see how various blockers fare against Oregon’s top defense.

 Turnovers often are a telling stat, for the good and the bad. Ted Miller has the story of two very different outcomes, Oregon and ASU last year.

 John Boyett was named to the Lott Trophy watch list which is gives to college football's defensive impact player of the year.

 Dale Newton notes that receiver Blake Cantu is retiring due to an injury that never quite healed correctly.

Dale also wonders if Oregon really needs a "thunder back?"

In an unconventional way, Darron Thomas can be the power back. No, he's not big and thick like LeGarrette Blount, or even powerful and stubby like Jeremiah Masoli, but when the Ducks need 1-3 yards, Thomas can get it for them with solid reads, athletic ability, and his lanky 6-3 body. Defenses have to commit so hard to defending LaMichael James, that the keep-and-find-a-seam will be open for Thomas a lot.


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DDubbs76 said...

Funny how Rob and Chris always have different observations from practice...just been noticing that lately. Word.