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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney have your Tuesday practice update where they have the following as the plays of the day (below) and Rob posted the interviews above where CK talks about practice and the release of the Harris video. Could just me by imagination but did Chip seem a little testy in the second video?

Rob: David Paulson absolutely owned a period of 7-on-7, with a series of tough catches in traffic and long runs upfield. Blake Stanton had a nice catch at one point, and got the better of Lavasier Tuinei during a blocking drill that had all the other wideouts woofing. Keanon Lowe played up with the twos but had a couple of drops today. Hroniss Grasu seemed to fare well in blocking drills.

Chris: On the practice field, Christian French, Nick Cole and Blake Stanton all had standout performances today catching the football, with all three players still appearing very much in contention for playing time at tight end (French) and wide receiver (Cole and Stanton).

The practice today will be inside Autzen Stadium and will be closed to the public for the first time this season.

 Dale Newton wishes LSU, and SEC fans in general, understood one thing about Oregon football.

 LaMichael James and Cliff Harris were named to the Playboy All-America team.

 Rob Moseley reports that finding depth at inside LB will be just one of the keys to Oregon's success this year.

 In case you haven't watched and you're interested, you'll find the Cliff Harris traffic stop video here.

 Kurt Liedtke takes us back to the 1989 Independence Bowl and recounts how the Ducks overcame the "suffering."

 Dale Newton believes Darron Thomas might be unstoppable if he had one more crucial skill, magician.

Thomas isn't Dennis Dixon fast or Jeremiah Masoli powerful. But he's a tough athlete who applies himself in practice and performs with great composure. He has big hands to hide the ball. As he refines his zone read skills, along with his passing talents and recognition in the multiple options of the Duck attack, he'll be even tougher to defend.

And that is a scary thought for the 12 teams on the Oregon schedule, and the two they'll likely face in postseason.



DDubbs76 said...

Oh dude, he was certainly testy. Put George in his place. The article George wrote was in his typical blathering style. And I mean that.


Because what's the world without George's article? Not much? More? And not to say that it wrong.

It is.

And why shouldn't I use incomplete sentences as paragraphs?

Will do.

That windbag can just stop...I can't stand reading his piecemeal crapola. I also can't stand that he is a hater. Later George.

DuckStud said...

Your attitude matches Chip's :)