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Monday, August 15, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 LaMichael James talks with reporters after the second practice this last Saturday. Video courtesy of KVAL.

 Rob Moseley has noted several players emerging as the leaders after the first week of fall practice.

Replacing a large group of graduated senior leaders was a priority this month, and several seem to be emerging. Among them, coaches said, are quarterback Darron Thomas, receiver Lavasier Tuinei, linebacker Michael Clay and safety Eddie Pleasant.

“We don’t have a lot of older guys, but we’ve got at least one or two at each position, and they’ve done a good job of taking ownership of their group,” Kelly said.

 Dale Newton peeks ahead to LSU now that week one of practice has concluded.

Oregon needs to establish their tempo and rhythm early in the Cowboy Classic. If they can get the offense going and score, getting off to a strong start, it will give them confidence while quieting the big crowd. They need efficiency. They need to play with purpose, just like they are doing in fall camp. On a good, firm surface, I like the Ducks chances of mixing it up and moving the football.

FishDuck attended practice recently and one new arrival caught his eye.

The one that knocked me over was Tra Carson; he passes the eyeball test immediately and looks like a ready-made LB, but he’s fast and runs with a smooth air to him. That fellow looks like he’s ready to plow for first downs on 3rd and short already (Thick legs, but runs fluidly). I’m trying recall who he reminds me of, and RBs, LBs, and TEs come to mind. I’ve decided on a cross between Latin Berry and Reuben Droughns. NOW we see why he broke LMJ’s records at the same high school.


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