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Monday, August 08, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Kurt Liedtke has his third vlog episode completed and talks about which Duck websites to visit each day, Ducks in the pros, Joey and other Duck news.(Video)

 Rob Moseley and Chris Pietsch talk about attending the opening of fall camp today. (Video)

 Duck Sports Authority has an article published that discusses the relationship between Lache Seastruck and Will Lyles and claims Lyles' had very little influence with Seastrunk. Rob Moseley comments on the article and lays out some other facts that you should keep in mind before drawing any conclusions on the the subject.

 Dale Newton says the Ducks may go back to the future with the 2011 passing game.

Darron Thomas had 30 touchdown passes as a sophomore and first-year starter. With a turbo-boost upgrade in his targets, could he throw for 40 in 2011? Could he, as DSH contributor goducks58 suggested, have a Heisman-worthy year? Set the flux capacitor to September 3, 2011, because the Black Momba, Rocket 80, DBlack12, and the fastest freshman in the NCAA have weapons-grade plutonium in their blur-fast shoes.

 Rob Moseley previews the Special Teams heading into the start of fall camp.

Oregon figures to have some of the better special teams in the Pac-12 this fall. The Ducks were in the top half of the Pac-10 in punt returns (first), kickoff returns (fifth), net punting (fourth) and kickoff coverage (second) a year ago, and all the major players are back.

 Keeerrrttt (aka Kurt Liedtke) will be a rergular contributor at the new Duck football website, (Charles Fisher, aka FishDuck, created the website for his great analysis pieces). Kurt says to prepare your senses, it's nearly football season.

Opening day of Oregon Ducks football is a benchmark in our annual lives, a time circled on the calendar like a kid awaiting Christmas. A treat awaits that indulges all the senses, a time to celebrate with 60,000 Duck brethren. However, as obsessive as we may get with the days counting down to kickoff it must be remembered that this isn't a matter of life or death, for we obsessed many it is far more important than that.
The time is coming, are you ready?


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It all starts now. GO DUCKS!