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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 David Paulson and Curtis White talk about the loss of Brandon Williams to the tight end group and what that loss means to the team. Video courtesy of KVAL.

 Rob Moseley reports on the sudden departure of reserve tight end Brandon Williams due to a previously unknown back issue that required he give up the sport.

 Dale Newton ponders the future for the receiving corps now that Brandon Williams has departed.

 Ron Bellamy notes that AD Rob Mullens has sent an email to key Oregon donors and constituents stating Oregon is taking the Lyles matter very seriously.

 Oregon Daily Emerald photographer Aaron Marineau has some fun photos of the team on the practice field.

 Rob Moseley reports former Oregon DB Aaron Gipson will conduct a series of youth clinics at the US Sportsplex in West Eugene beginning today.

 Ted Miller has a preseason position review for the Pac-12 cornerbacks and has Oregon in his "good shape" category.

We're assuming Cliff Harris gets his act together -- he's suspended for the LSU game. If so, he's one of the best cover corners in the country. The experienced Anthony Gildon steps in for Talmadge Jackson, while redshirt freshmen Terrance Mitchell and Troy Hill turned in strong springs.


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DDubbs76 said...

Sure could use Cliff vs. LSU. Sigh.