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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Dale Newton looks back and grades the Oregon Defense for 2010 and gives them a B+. He included my videos of the defensive highlights which I have included here.

The 2010 Duck defense was stingy and opportunistic. They erased their mistakes with aggressiveness, and made far more big plays than they gave up.

Dale also grades the 2011 defensive unit to this point and gives them a D-, mostly due to off-field issues the Ducks will have to overcome before the regular season kicks off against LSU. He ends his story with this:

"The Ducks fully believe their coach when he tells them that "luck favors the prepared mind."  In two years they've established themselves as a group that won't give in to adversity.  Now it's the defense's turn to overcome a seemingly impossible combination of graduation, attrition and stupidity."


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Ouch, Dale!