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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Here are a couple of poignant stories about the special relationship between a Father and his children and how sports is often a big part of those memories. The first is by George Schroeder back in 2008 and John Canzano this year. Enjoy.

 Dale Newton believes there is a quiet revolution in recruiting at Oregon.

Chip Kelly is an innovator.  He cuts through tradition and habit by constantly asking and evaluating, is this the best way to do this? In every detail, from practice organization to offensive tempo to fourth and three, he finds better ways.

He's applying the same bold, systematic, analytical, efficient approach to recruiting, and one evaluation at a time, he and his staff are transforming the Oregon football team.

Dale also has a profile on a new member of the Ducks in 2011, OL James Euscher.

Aloha offensive line coach Bill Volk told Jerry Ulmer of oregonlive, "Besides his physicality, and his unbelievable athleticism for a big guy, his leadership and demeanor probably mean way more than what he does on the field. He's the foundation, the chemistry builder, the guy everybody turns to for leadership in that crunch moment. He has such an aura about him."



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