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Friday, June 10, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

 Marty James at the Napa Valley Register interviews John Boyett in the video above and files this report as the Oregon safety visits his former elementary school and lends a hand during their annual "field day." Good stuff.

 Mitch Coffman has a quick analysis of QB Darron Thomas and includes my highlight video of DT as a bonus.

Although the Ducks garner most of their attention from the running game, and rightfully so, Thomas is the glue that holds the offense together. What Dixon did well, Masoli did a little better, and Thomas does very well. He can run, he can pass. And not just respectfully so. In Oregon’s hustle offense, on nearly any play, he is a threat to throw or run for a touchdown.

 Matt Daddy at ATQ has a little one-on-one debate with Rob Moseley on the role of the media in sports. Long, but a good read.

 Dale Newton does a Q&A with LSU blogger Bob Wynn on one of the most hyped games to open a season that I can remember. Another good piece by Dale.


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