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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 ESPN's Mark Schlabach lists which BCS teams are on the rise and fall. Only six schools received his highest mark, a 5, and Oregon was one of the six.

With coach Chip Kelly's offense and Phil Knight's checkbook, it's hard to imagine the Ducks not staying ahead of USC and everyone else in the Pac-12.

 Bob Rickert reports that Oregon landed a verbal commitment from QB Jake Rodrigues for 2012.

Rodrigues, a 6' 3", 210-pound junior from Whitney High in Rocklin, California, has rocketed up the recruiting charts the last couple of months. He's now a 4-star rated quarterback, according to

 Rob Moseley notes that former Oregon QB, Jason Maas, who played as Akili Smith's backup in the late 90's, recently retired after a long career with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL. Probably best remembered for throwing a 90 yard TD pass to Pat Johnson in the 1997 Civil War.

 The Pac-10 wants your vote to help decide the new Pac-12 Championship Game's logo. Personally, I like the first and second choice the best and voted for the second.

 Dale Newton likes how Oshay Dunmore carries himself, his attidtude, and his well-spoken confident nature. Can't say I disagree as the early 2012 commit looks and sounds like a keeper.



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