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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley reviews the special teams now that spring practice has concluded.

Rob Beard was very consistent during spring drills, and while Jackson Rice didn't have many booming efforts that drew oohs and aahs in practice, he remains a steady presence. The same applied to the other specialists.

Where the Ducks really looked special in the kicking team was on returns; it's always hard to project how things will go once the hitting is full-contact in the fall, but between the veteran returners and potential new faces like Dior Mathis, Brian Jackson and perhaps even Terrance MItchell and Troy Hill, there was a lot of big play potential whenever a kickoff or punt was fielded.

...and if you need a reminder of how the group did last year check out my highlight video over at YouTube...

• George Schroeder wonders how Mike Riley and the beavs can close the Civil War gap in this feature story from the R-G.

Riley doesn’t deny the Civil War gap, either. He likens it to when Pete Carroll revived USC and raised the bar for everyone else in the Pac-10.

“You were either gonna rise up with it, or you were gonna get left in the dust,” Riley says. “... We want to get back to where this thing (the rivalry) is on an even keel again, where it was a few years ago.”


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