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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 The Spring Game not only drew a record crowd but also provides us with ample reading material, seems like everyone has an article on the game. Rob Moseley, Ken Goe, Chris Courtney, Robby Boydstun, Anne M. Peterson, ESPN and

Here are a few samples from my favorites.

Rob MoseleyThe game was a step up for the offense from the two scrimmages this spring, featuring fewer penalties and turnovers, though there were two interceptions and a fumble. But overall it was another day that belonged mostly to the defense, with only the Heisman candidate James able to get the ball into the end zone on a typically outstanding effort.

Ken Goe: The day’s longest pass play was a catch-and-run, 25-yarder from Bennett to tight end David Paulson, in which Paulson swatted aside cornerback Cliff Harris and raced down the sideline before being pushed out on the 4.

“I just didn’t have the wheels to finish it,” Paulson said, smiling. “I saw the opening, I just couldn’t finish. I don’t know if it was because it was the end of a series, or I just need more work in the offseason.”

Chris Courtney: It was the Oregon defense that may have had the most to brag about during the off-season. While the green team had advantage on the scoreboard, Oregon's defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti might have been the most elated. Aliotti served as the coach for the greens while Offensive Coordinator headed the whites.

"We gave up one touchdown to a good football player, with one explosion play, we continued to get turnovers," smiled Aliotti. "The coup de grace was that I was fortunate to be on the winning team and we got a shut out so it is all good." 

 Rob Moseley provides up with a photo slideshow from the game.

 Chris Courtney notes that Nick Aliotti's defense heads into the summer on a high.

 John Hunt is impressed with how quickly Colt Lyerla has made the transition from high school to college.

 Casey Matthews was drafted in the fourth round yesterday by the Philadelphia Eagles.

 If you missed the Spring Game, couldn't or forgot to DVR it, you can still catch it online at ESPN3. I wouldn't wait too long though, it won't be available forever.

I will have my highlight video of the Spring Game posted later today here and at my YouTube channel.


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