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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley, Chris Courtney, Charles Fisher, and John Hunt have your Wednesday scrimmage report.

Rob: Ricky Heimuli made two straight stops at the goal line at one point as the offense failed to score on three chances from the 2-yard line. The third try was a pass to Justin Hoffman, but Clay met him at the goal line and kept him out of the end zone, the biggest play on what again was a big scrimmage for Clay

ChrisLache Seastrunk and Daryle Hawkins did next to nothing when it came to moving the ball on the ground. Hawkins particularly struggled, fumbling twice, with one of the fumbles being returned for an 80-yard touchdown by redshirt freshman cornerback, Troy Hill. 

Charles: My feathered friends—this defense is hungry, it’s fast, it’s confident as it is obvious they know what they’re doing. This does not look like a defense replacing six starters; it looks like a veteran group that is replacing one or two starters, if that. 

John: "I've never seen anything like that, and hopefully, here, we won't again,'' offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich said. "Today can't happen. A Pop Warner team can't practice like that.''

 Ted Miller lists the Pac-12's top returning tacklers and thinks Kiko Alonso will the top list for Oregon at the end of the season.

 Jon Wilner has some additional thoughts on the pending Pac-12 TV negotiations.

John Hunt takes a closer look at LB Kiko Alonso.

Oregon coach Chip Kelly says Alonso is 100 percent recovered from that knee injury and that he is "running around, doing some good things.''

That's what Alonso does - he runs around, does some good things and, occasionally, some not-so-good things. He has to show he's matured - not to the Matthews level - but enough to convince the coaches they can put Alonso in the middle of the defense and breathe relatively easily.


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