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Monday, April 18, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley notes that Oregon's secondary positions seem nailed down by returning veterans, but there are a group of youngsters making a lot of noise.

Redshirt freshman Terrance Mitchell sometimes looks like the most well-rounded cornerback on the roster while holding down a spot with the second-string defense, and on Friday he was joined on that unit by redshirt freshman Troy Hill, who turned a strong showing Wednesday into a bigger role.

Also in the mix for a spot on the two-deep is veteran junior Scott Grady, and a third redshirt freshman, Dior Mathis, is continuing to develop.

The depth at cornerback has allowed position coach John Neal to experiment with Avery Patterson, a backup corner in 2010, at safety this spring.

Dale Newton and "The Duck Stops Here" have a new home and a couple of new stories to celebrate their move to the new site.

First up Dale believes that "relationships matter" and then he quotes George Bernard Shaw when he posts: "Some men dream things that never were, and ask "Why not?"

The coaches at the University of Oregon are masters of teaching, motivation and instilling confidence. By September 3rd this team will know exactly what is expected of them. Every slide-step, every mesh, every zone blitz will be perfectly explained and repeated a thousand times. The players will be shown how to become explosively athletic in Jim Radcliffe's weight room, and they'll be taught how to unleash that explosiveness when the opponent grows tired and loses their will.


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