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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney have your Friday practice report.

Rob: At this point, the offense has a few sure things in Thomas, James, Barner and Paulson, and some guys up front who look steady in Darrion Weems, Ryan Clanton, Karrington Armstrong, Ramsen Golpashin, Nick Cody and Mark Asper. 

But the receiving corps as a whole was underwhelming again today, with the exception of Eric Dungy, and depth on the line remains a question mark. On defense, depth at linebacker remains a concern, but the Ducks look stacked on the line and in the secondary.

Chris:  Chip Kelly also mentioned that he's been encouraged with the new leadership role junior cornerback Cliff Harris has assumed. The mercurial Harris has never been one to shy away from the spotlight, but Kelly insists that his electrifying corner has grown leaps and bounds from a maturity standpoint. 

"Cliff has matured a lot," Kelly admitted. "He'll be in his third year and he's played a lot of football during his first two years here. Cliff's starting to take over that leadership role that Talmadge left...I've been really happy with Cliff throughout the winter and what I've seen so far this spring." 

 Perhaps the best news out of the Friday practice was the return of Josh Huff sans a knee brace. Huff called the injury "just a strain."

 John Hunt talks about Cliff Harris' emergence as a leader and role model. unveils the new T-shirt for the spring game and it is now available online.

 Phil Knight will be in Chicago next Friday and will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. The air date of the interview has not been determined.

 College football will have some new rules this fall and perhaps the biggest change will be the new taunting rule.

Previously, the 15-yard penalty was assessed on the extra point attempt, 2-point conversion attempt or the ensuing kickoff. Penalties called after the player crosses the goal line still will be assessed on those plays, but live-ball fouls will be assessed at the spot of the foul and eliminate the score.


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