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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney have your Monday practice update.

Rob: Tight ends mostly had a field day this morning running pass routes against linebackers. Brandon Williams got deep over the middle against both Kiko Alonso and Dewitt Stuckey, and David Paulson made a similar play during the same drill. In 7-on-7, Paulson had a couple of nice catches against Josh Kaddu.

Though the passing game was generally strong, Darron Thomas at one point overthrew a receiver, and Cliff Harris made the interception.

Chris: Chip Kelly also recognized senior cornerback Anthony Gildon as a new leader in the secondary by virtue of his experience in the defensive backfield along with Eddie Pleasant and John Boyett. 

"I've been really happy with what Anthony's been doing this spring," Kelly stated. "He had a really good finish last year too. It's a maturation process and that's a really neat thing to see." 

 John Hunt goes into a little more detail regarding Josh Huff's injury and then provides updates on what is happening in the LSU camp.

 Rob Moseley notes that Chip Kelly has announced the 2011 squad leaders.

Ken Goe expects to see a lot more two tight end sets this year with David Paulson and Brandon Williams.

Two-tight end sets give Oregon lots of options. The Ducks can split one wide, play both tight, line them up side by side to create an unbalanced formation, or put one in the backfield to use as a blocking back on running plays or a pass protector on pass plays. 

"We're doing some more seven-man protections, using the tight end, than we have in the past," tight ends coach Tom Osborne said. "When most team use two tight ends, it's usually a heavy diet of run." 

With the Ducks, it won't be that simple.


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