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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley relays the news that two offensive linemen, Nick Rowland and Jamaal Burrell, won't return to the UO football team due to medical conditions.

Burrell has a heart condition and Rowland has a leg condition that preclude them from continuing, the report indicates.

We wish them the best.

 Ted Miller has a new story on the five biggest question marks heading into spring practice. For Oregon it is replacing the senior starters.

Bob Rickert has your random recruit of the week, DT Justin Solis.

At 6' 3", 295lbs. he's clearly going to be a prime target for every program in the Pac-12 and probably a lot of other schools across the nation. Oregon's one of the schools he says he likes at this point and honestly, why wouldn't he?

 Rumors have been circulating about a "top ten" program in hot water with the NCAA over possible recruiting violations. Oregon has been one of the teams mentioned but according to John Canzano's sources it isn't Oregon. The story supposedly will break today in the latest edition of SI.

Update 5:40am: Seems this is the article by SI in the rumor according to the Twitter feed this morning and that Pitt was the school, ho-hum...

Some of the football team members will be participating today in the O Heroes "Read Across America" program that will be holding an event at some local schools today.


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