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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
 Rob Moseley does a bit of commentary as he looks at the recent departure of redshirt freshman RB Dontae Williams and laments that attrition is going to happen, it does every year.

What competing at the highest level does mean for the Ducks is there are plenty of good options behind the players who leave. And I've yet to hear credible rumors of a player departing who was truly expected to have a big impact on the 2011 team.

 Dale Newton also writes about the Williams departure in his usual, eloquent style.

 Ted Miller goes over the different tie-breaker scenarios now that the Pac-12 has a conference championship game. The rule that will cover most years goes like this:

1. Head-to-head (winner gets home field).
    and if they did not play each other then:
2. BCS ranking (higher ranked team gets home field). has updated the 2011 schedule with confirmation that the Ducks will have a home game against Missouri St. on September 17.

 The NCAA made a rule change that will allow players to wear any color gloves, negating a requirement that all gloves be gray.

Rob Moseley notes that we are now closer to the start of 2011 spring practice (38 days) than we are from the final game of last season (BCS was 40 days ago) and the team is ready to get at it.

“I think everybody’s got the right mentality right now,” said junior quarterback Darron Thomas, who has been leading daily, early morning workouts for the last month. “Everybody’s working harder. Nobody’s comfortable with last season.”

“It’s just going to be who works together best, and who works hardest for their position,” Thomas said. “It’s going to be a battle, but I think we’ve got some guys that didn’t play last year that are going to step up this year and do good things.”


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