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Monday, January 10, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
I didn't think this day would ever get here but now here we are, less than 12 hours to kick-off and I can't wait. On to the links.

Ted Miller picks his top ten plays for the year and then provides some fun facts and trivia about the title game.

George Schroeder says the Ducks maybe locked down but more importantly, they are locked in to a single purpose.

Rachel Bachman says that the BCS title game will literally put Oregon on the map.

The Oregonian provides a photo gallery from the pep rally last night.

Oregon and Auburn both play at such a fast pace will Erin Andrews even get a chance to report from the sideline during the game?

The venue for today's game is a technological wonder.

Ex-Oregon stars like Ducks’ chances in BCS title game.

Casey Matthews is seeking to earn some respect for Oregon's "D".

Rob Moseley takes an indepth look at the Oregon "D".

Jared Sawyer shot some video yesterday and has short interviews with lots of well known Oregon personalities. Good stuff Jared!

Ken Goe says win the day once more, and Oregon Ducks will make football history.

The Ducks steered away from off-the-field trouble throughout the fall, played fast, clean and hard and marched through an unbeaten regular season.

Now they are poised to do what last year’s Rose Bowl team could not: finish.

My prediction for the game:

Oregon 42
Auburn 38

Unis: White jersey with the grayish/black numbers outlined in neon green; black pants, neon green socks and white/neon green shoes..finishing touch is the black arm bands with their number on them outlined in the neon green…helmets will be carbon…


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