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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Dennis Dodd reports that Chip Kelly finds out-of-the-box inspiration for the Ducks.

What you don't know is that Kelly is a hopeless romantic when it comes to the hackneyed football practice of motivation. Try figuring out what Jon Gruden and Secretariat have in common. Spend a few minutes with former champion boxer Micky Ward, the inspiration for the current movie The Fighter.

The Ducks have.

"There is no one talking to our team this week," Kelly said.

The Ducks couldn't hear anyway. Their hearts are beating too loud, beating with more than blood.

The Duck mascot and cheerleaders spent some quality time at a local Arizona school yesterday.

Rob Moseley has a nice story of two young Duck fans who connected with the team yesterday courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Ted Miller says that something has to give in the second half as both Auburn and Oregon are known for their second half heroics.

The Oregonian has a nice selection of photos from the practice yesterday.

George Schroeder is glad Cliff Harris is finally talking with the media again.

Duck fans in the Glendale area will be treated to "The Huddle with Oregon Football" later this morning. The event is being hosted by Dan Fouts and can be watched online at if you aren't in the area. It starts at 10am Pacific.

The top prospect in Oregon verbally committed to the Ducks yesterday. Lyerla is a 6'4" 220lb. TE/LB/RB and was recruited to Oregon as an athlete. He is from Hillsboro.

Have you ever wondered about the little routine Jeff Maehl goes through after scoring a touchdown? Dennis Dodd explains Maehl's tribute to fallen teammate Todd Doxey.

The routine will be a familiar one at Monday's game. Before it, Maehl will pray silently and talk, as he always does, quietly to Doxey. During it, if Maehl scores, he will tap his ribs with one hand ("God is on my side.") and point to the heavens with the other.

"It's something I like to do, I like to pay my tribute to him," Maehl said. "Todd was one of the hardest workers on the team at the time," Maehl said. "We go out with the same mentality he had. We're blessed to have the opportunity to play football. His was cut short of that."


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