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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cliff Harris Interception Ruled Out -BCS Title Game - Video

I had a couple of subscribers ask that I find this play and post it so here you go. The play happened on the first Auburn TD drive in the 2nd quarter. Looked like Cliff maintained complete control of the ball to me but you be the judge.



David Wines said...

I know you did this for other people...but as a whole, the Duck community needs to let go. We were beat in many ways on the field, and Auburn deserves their victory. If players were not eligible to play, it still won't change the fact that they were better than us, on the field, on that day. I'm sure plays went against Auburn as well, and had they lost, those would be filling up YouTube.

DuckStud said...

I hear you Dave but like you said...just doing a guy a favor...