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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley shares part three of a five part series, "Constructing a Title Run." Part three looks at the defense and their ability to limit big plays.

Oregon limited big plays with a combination of pressure on the quarterback, sound tackling in the run game and a ballhawking secondary that helped the Ducks pile up 35 takeaways, second-most in the nation behind Hawaii.

Rachel Bachman notes that one parachuting Duck fan keeps his flag flying, all over the world.

The Oregonian continues their series, "Duck Fan of the Day," with Air Force senior airman KJ Brewsaugh.

Ted Miller examines the salaries of the nations FBS assistant football coaches and concludes the Pac-10 coaches should be paid more. is encouraging Duck fans around the world to join a "Yellow-Out" in a show of unity for the National Championship Game.

Ron Bellamy of the Register Guard would like your story (in 200 words or less) on what Oregon's title chance means to you.

Some letters will be published in a BCS special edition in January, others published online.


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David Wines said...

The Bellamy thing sounds interesting...but 200 words...? I don't think I can do anything in 200 words or less :)