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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Ken Goe have your Saturday practice update.

Rob: Oregon's depth has been particularly valuable on special teams this season, when guys like Avery Patterson, Dion Jordan, Marvin Johnson, Bryson Littlejohn, Brian Butterfield and Brian Jackson have played big roles.

"There's a lot," UO coach Chip Kelly said. "It's an extensive group."

Ken: An ESPN crew was allowed into practice. ESPN is televising the championship game, and terms of the contract give ESPN reporters special access.

ESPN's Erin Andrews said she liked the music mix the Ducks were playing in practice. She used the Shazam feature on her phone to get the play list for possible use during her own workout.

Jim Radcliffe, the U of O strength coach, keeps the Ducks in shape, even when there aren't formal practices scheduled.

Junior TE David Paulson was surprised to hear that the NFL might be interested in him.

The Oregonian has your Duck fan of the day.

Rob Moseley reports that Oregon picked up another verbal commitment yesterday.

RB Tra Carson, a 6-foot, 220-pound bruiser from the same high school that produced LaMichael James, Liberty-Eylau of Texarkana, Texas.

Lavasier Tuinei confirmed that he was full go at practice yesterday.

“I practiced today,” said Tuinei, who was in full pads for Saturday's UO practice, and not wearing a red, no-contact jersey.

“It feels great,” Tuiniei said. “Just being able to be fresh and come back and work with the team, it really means a lot to me.”

Chip Kelly had his big coming out party, where we caught our first glimpse of his offensive game plan prowess, when we went to play at Michigan in 2007. Ken Goe takes a look back at the game. Remember the fake statue of liberty play?

"It was let it rip and have fun with some things,'' offensive line coach Steve Greatwood said. "It was Chip's personality kind of being seen nationally for the first time.''


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