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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney provide your Monday practice update.

Rob: The practice was closed to the public, including media, so there's no highlights (or lowlights) to pass along. Chip Kelly was typically upbeat about the workout.

"They had good focus, good concentration," Kelly said. "We got a lot of work in, so we're on track right now."

Chris: Kelly was also asked whether or not he received the apology that Arizona kicker Alex Zendejas issued after he waved his finger in the direction of Kelly after converting a 29-yard field before halftime.

"That's interesting because the official said he didn't do that," stated Kelly who seemed to hint he was looking for an unsportsmanlike penalty on the play. "I accept his apology, he's a classy kid, but the officials in the game said that that didn't happen so it must not have happened."

LaMichael James has been named an all-American by the American Football Coaches Association.

Darron Thomas is one of ten finalists for the Manning Award and Mark Helfrich is a finalist for the offensive coordinator of the year as awarded by

Ted Miller still has Oregon on top of his weekly Pac-10 Power Rankings.

Ken Goe has a nice story on Bo Thran, Oregon's lone home grown starter.

Rachel Bachman compares Chip Kelly with Chuck Norris and comes up with some good quotes.

When Chuck Norris or Chip Kelly orders a Happy Meal, it cries.

Chip Kelly can kill two stones with one bird.

Some magicians can walk on water; Chip Kelly can swim through land.

Chip Kelly counted to infinity -- twice.

Chip Kelly put out a forest fire using only gasoline.

Chip Kelly is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Rob Moseley shares a feature story on the biggest Civil War ever and talked with Coach Kelly.

So, Chip Kelly, any concern your team might be overconfident entering the 12:30 p.m. game in Reser Stadium?

“Nope,” Kelly said Sunday.

Nope? Just nope?

“We don’t let outside influences govern how we prepare for anybody,” Kelly said. “... It doesn’t matter who it is. They all get our full attention. That formula’s worked for us 11 times, and we’ll continue to use that same deal.”


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