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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
The Ducks will start their normal game week preparations tomorrow for the contest next Friday against the Wildcats. Arizona, meanwhile, has some things to work on according to this local newspaper. has the story on the Civil War blood drive. Today is the final day to donate for a chance to win tickets to the Civil War.

ESPN asked all of their conference bloggers to pick the best rivalry during the last 10 years. Ted Miller didn't even blink when it came to the Pac-10, the Civil War of course.

George Schroeder looks at LMJ's chances for the Heisman and thinks his pre-season "difficulties" might be giving some Heisman voters second thoughts.

Ted Miller takes a stroll around the Pac-10 and asks "did you know?"

1. Oregon will clinch the Pac-10 title and a BCS bowl berth -- Rose or national title game -- if California beats Stanford. The Ducks are off this week.

2. If Oregon ends up winning the Pac-10 and playing for the national title, then the Rose Bowl would be obligated to take the highest ranked of Boise State and TCU, assuming one of them is in the final BCS top 12 but not ranked 1 or 2. If one of those teams is playing for the national title, then the Rose has no obligation to take a non-AQ this season.


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Dave said...

Those Boise fans are cheering for us now I bet. Word.