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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

Story courtesy of Dave @ As Seen by Dave
It is with the slapping sound that both father and son begin to cry. Sure, not everybody believes in spanking, but I’m sure everybody understands its purpose. A child needs to learn certain things, and for some parents, a good ol’ spanking is the easiest, fastest way to get the point across. Now understand, I’m not encouraging you to go spanking a bunch of kids...I’m making a point.

This week, I want to see Oregon get spanked. I’ll harp on this again over the course of the season, but I can’t stress it enough—last year we were too big for our britches. When we went to the Rose Bowl, it was with an undeserved air of confidence. I saw Oregon fans having a great time tailgating. I saw Oregon fans giving a razzing to those Buckeye fans. I saw Oregon fans skipping and dancing and laughing all about, before we had won anything. What were the Buckeyes doing? Well, they weren’t tailgating. They weren’t harassing Oregon fans. They were business. When I walked into the stadium, I was shocked at how much red I saw, because those people were not in the parking lots. They knew they didn’t deserve to celebrate anything—yet.

I want Oregon to be sent to reality this week. I’ll be repeating this over the course of the season as well...nobody in the Pac-10 is going to lay down for Oregon. And, no Pac-10 team is a complete patsy...just ask the Cougars. We are the team that other teams can’t wait to play. Remember Michigan coming to Autzen? Remember Oklahoma coming to Autzen? USC on Halloween last year? We are those teams. Our opponents will be thinking, and planning for us. Their players will be jacked up on doof-balls waiting for their shot at our glory. Trust me, this won’t be an easy ride.

As for the Bruins, I expect a game that is closer than most are predicting. UCLA knows how to get-up for big games...just ask Texas. They are going to come into Autzen ready to play hard, and ready to play fast. I think the first three quarters, the score remains close, with UCLA getting a lead or two. I think Darron Thomas, after not having played (sans a single quarter) for quite some time will be a bit rusty. I see him getting intercepted early, and I see UCLA scoring on that opportunity. I want the fans to be scared, and I want Oregon to be scared—scared of getting spanked.

That said, I don’t see UCLA coming out victorious. They are simply not deep enough to match us in the 4th quarter. I think the Ducks put up 17 points in the final quarter and don’t give any away. We leave this game with a victory, but the realization will hit ‘em—no team, not even a bottom-feeder in the Pac-10 is going to be easy. And I like that. I want us to be grounded now, and realize what is in front of us, instead of that hitting us later, against a team that may be able to pull one away from our Mighty Ducks.

Quack 41
Bruins 24

Yellow Cap
Yellow Jersey
Green Pant

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Muchas G said...

Makes sense Dave - and would be nice to see our team grounded before the USC game.  You're right on about the Rose Bowl last year.  Those Buckeyes were strickly business and so nice - killied me with kindness...

All I know is - the UCLA game's tomorrow and I can not friggin' wait!