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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fly Ducks Fly

This story courtesy of Dave @ As Seen By Dave

It still twists my stomach to think about it! Last year, on Halloween, USC came to town, along with the rest of College Football Nation. The weeks leading up to that game were pure agony for me. The only thing I could think about was USC. My anxiety had never been so’s almost foolish to think about it now. I wasn’t sleeping right, I wasn’t processing right—nothing could control my emotions.

When the game was over, I had to realize that all of those anxieties were for nothing. You see, we handed it to USC in a significant way. It wasn’t a was a bloodbath that sent ol’ Pete on his way. They talked a big game. Remember Barkley spouting off about how the crowd wouldn’t affect him? Guess what Matt? That wasn’t a good idea. The Ducks were simply better than USC, proving that my anxieties were not necessary...not on that day.

Funny how things come back to you. Again, this week, I started feeling a lot of anxiety. Everybody is talking about the upset, and it starts to make sense. Number one teams have been losing on the road, especially when GameDay is in town. Yes. USC is at home, and this is their bowl game. Yes. USC is also coming off a bye week. Yes. These things are all true—but let’s throw some logic into the equation.

Outside of superstitious tendencies, it doesn’t matter that GameDay is coming, that Oregon is number one, and that in the past weeks, that has spelled doom for the top-dog. Oregon hasn’t been that number one team in the spotlight, on the road, with GameDay in town; so to think that we’ll lose on that account is hogwash. Stinky hogwash. Also, although I do give some credit to the bye week, I also know that Oregon played on Thursday, giving them a long time to relax and prepare for this game. I also know that it takes more than a bye week to help a team face the wicked machine that is Oregon. And it’s also true that USC is at home, and that it’s like their bowl game...but I know the end, it doesn’t matter how USC perceives this game. What I do know is that Oregon was better than USC last year, and we beat them with razor sharp Duck feathers.

Here’s some more logic for you. Oregon was better than USC last year, and it showed. Oregon is better than they were last year, and that shows as well. USC is worse than they were last year...and guess what...that’s not so hard to see either. So, following that train of thought, USC doesn’t stand an iota of a chance coming into this game.

Everything aside, football is a game that is played on the field, within four quarters. The swings in momentum, and the outcome are not a given, which makes it a great sport to watch. But I also know that the better team will usually win, and Oregon is the better team. It’s a good feeling for me. I’ve traded my anxieties from last year in for excitement this year. I’m not anxious about whether or not the Ducks will win, I’m simply excited to see how they do it. How many times will Oregon create a turnover? How many 25 yard rushes will LMJ have? Will Huff, Davis, and Maehl all catch touchdowns? How familiar will Mr. Barkley be with his own turf at the end of the game? These are the questions that I’m excited to see answered...and of many points do we stab into their Trojan hearts?

So, what is the prediction from my end...?

I see Oregon winning the day in glamorous fashion. Nobody will doubt our dominance once they witness, on National television, what we are going to do to USC.

Oregon 65
USC 24

Lid--Chrome (old school, yellow UO)
Jersey--Old school white
Pants--Old school yellow

Corso--Duck head all the way!

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1 comment:

muchas g said...

Great story Dave!  Way to get me pumped up!  Also, I love your prediction on the podcast page.  Totaly domination in throwbacks with Jedi Mind Tricks would be sooooo Go Ducks!

I love how last week vs. UCLA Dave predicted a 4th quarter pull away while DuckStud predicted the blow out.  This week you two have switched positions with DuckStud thinking it's close and Dave predicting a dry rape.

I'm loving the Ducks so much right now!  Thanks for being a part of that.