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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Adam Jude has your Friday practice (walk-through) update.

"Focused," UO coach Chip Kelly said of his team's preparation. "They had good attention to detail and they got a good sweat going, so it was a real good workout."

Kelly has said before that this group is as focused as any team he's been around, and he's credited their intense preparation for their 7-0 start.

"They understand it," he said. "We have a good bunch of leaders and they keep everyone focused."

George Schroeder has a good article on the continuing stories floating around the internet on the trash talk and notes Chip Kelly labels it for what it is.

The correct reaction for coaches, players, fans, everyone is to chuckle. Or maybe to yawn. There’s not much in sports more overrated than bulletin-board material. The concept is, as Kelly called it, “high-school stuff.”

Just go play.

Ken Goe reports that Darron Thomas is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to making bold predictions.

Of Thomas' preference to do more and talk less, defensive back Javes Lewis said: "He's not ever talking about what he's going to do on Saturday. He's like, 'Man, talk to me on Sunday. Then we'll see how it went down.'"

Adam Jude has a good story on Cliff Harris who might not make predictions but is never hesitant to be confident in his own abilities, and usually backs them up.

Teammates have nicknamed him “Kash” because he’s so money (and he knows it). But after a recent comment to a Fresno Bee reporter — when Harris said he is “the cheese on top of the nachos” — another nickname might start sticking.

“All right, see you, Nacho,” senior safety Marvin Johnson said as he walked past Harris the other day.

Ted Miller has some good Oregon factoids in his "did you know" piece this week.

Aaron Fentress mentions a couple of games that have BCS implications today.

Bob Rickert calls today's Oregon game, the game of the year.

Does USC have enough defense (or depth) to hang with Oregon today?

A win today will help Oregon with those BCS computer rankings.

Pundits predictions galore. Final tally, Oregon-13, USC-2.

My Prediction: Oregon-42 USC-38. Uni's from the top down. Yellow helmet, white jersey and green pants. Corso puts on the Duck Head.

Wade Evanson at eDuck, who thinks a little respect would go a long way when it comes to USC. It is a good read so check it out.

Is it too much to ask for a little humility? Is mutual respect extinct in the West Adams District of South Central Los Angeles? And is perspective lost on those operating inside the bubble that is the University of Southern California?

Apparently so.


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Looks like it will be forced humility.