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Friday, October 29, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice update.

The injury list included both Kenjon Barner (head) and Anthony Gildon (leg) today, and I didn't see Barner. Gildon missed the UCLA game, and since he's remained limited by his injury, I'd guess he's something like questionable to play Saturday, with Cliff Harris in line to make another start.

Ron Bellamy shares feature story on USC's defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

The phrase “gimmick offense” has been thrown around in relation to Oregon, to Kelly’s chagrin, but Kiffin doesn’t buy that.

“They do a lot of different things, they really do, and it can tax your players,” he said. “But they also execute it. Everybody can draw plays and draw up routes, but can they execute it?

“I’m impressed with both, the scheme and how they execute it with their players, how they play.”

Jason Vondersmith wonders if Oregon can add to the astronomical numbers they have been posting each game.

The DuckStar was seen over the skies of LA last night.

Ted Miller notes that some "trash talking" has been going on all week and also has his Pac-10 predictions (Oregon by 11.)

John Canzano talked with Chip Kelly and Darron Thomas on his radio show yesterday and he shares the audio of the interview.

Rob Moseley talks with common opponents of Oregon and USC and they a battle of high powered offenses.

The Armenian Demon, Oregon's #1 fan, has a warning for USC.

Ken Goe says Darron Thomas might walk softly but he strikes hard.

"My high school coach is a big talker," he said. "He's a friendly guy, but he'll talk your life away."

By contrast, Thomas measures every word.

But he makes a statement with what he does.


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