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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oregon officially #1 in all polls

• For the first time in school history Oregon is #1 in all of the polls as they overtook Auburn in the BCS. It's a great day to be a Duck Fan.


Oregon vs USC Highlights - Video

YouTube was having issues today or I would have had this up earlier but here you go Duck fans, all of the Oregon highlights from the game yesterday. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe so that you can keep updated on all of my new videos.


Oregon widens gap in AP and Coaches Poll

ESPN reports that the Ducks have picked up additional first place votes in both polls.

In their third consecutive week as AP's No. 1, the Ducks reached a new high for first-place votes (49) and points (1,487) from the media panel after a decisive 53-32 victory at USC on Saturday night.


Washington Game Time Set

According to the game against Washington next week will be at 12:30pm local time and broadcast on ABC.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Courtesy of the Register Guard
It was just one more game to remember in a remarkable season. But somehow this win was even more satisfying as we executed to our potential on national television and on the road in a stadium where we don't have the best history. The thing is, I believe you are witnessing a new history being written and it feels damn good. On to the rest of the stories.

Obviously, there are a ton of game recap stories out there and here are just a few. ESPN, Ken Woody, Ted Miller,, and Jason Vondersmith.

Rob Moseley has his story here and I liked this quote from Casey Matthews.

“Coaches, they try to say we don’t listen to it, but obviously we hear it eventually,” Matthews said of the trash talk. “We knew we had to shut them up. And we feel we did a good job doing that.”

John Canzano is now a believer as he delivers his game story.

Coach Chip Kelly's team is in a rare groove. It's business-like. It's cutthroat. Watching it play this season is like seeing Orel Hershisher pitch 59 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings. And Mike Tyson win his first 37 professional fights. And Michael Phelps swim, and Usain Bolt sprint.

Andy Mac has all the numbers, records set and trivia from the game.

The Oregonian and the Register Guard share their photos.

Ted Miller has a helmet sticker for LaMichael James.

The Oregon running back rushed for 239 yards on 36 carries with three TDs in the Ducks 53-32 win over USC. Guess here is he will continue to lead the nation in rushing next week.

Rachel Bachman has a nice story on LaMichael James.

John Hunt and Ted Miller spotlight Jeff Maehl's huge night.

Rob Moseley reports that some pundits think Oregon will move into the number one BCS slot after their performance against USC and George Schroeder shares his Harris Poll ballot.

I will be putting together my highlight video later this morning and it should be ready early this afternoon. Subscribe on my YouTube page and setup notifications if you are interested in catching all my videos. Stay tuned.


Darron Thomas - Hurry Up Refs

Video: Darron Thomas on tempo, even for the referees

Darron Thomas talks after the game on the tempo and who held them up.Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Post Game Thoughts from John Canzano - Video

Video: John Canzano postgame -- Oregon 53, USC 32

• Oregonian columnist John Canzano comes away impressed as the Ducks left no doubt to who should be number one.


Oregon 53 - USC 32

• The local new station, KVAL, shares this late night game recap story. I'll have my highlight package available on YouTube later today.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Late Breaking Stories

#6 Missouri and #5 Michigan St. both lost earlier today which only leaves 5 unbeaten teams. Auburn has a 14 point lead with a couple of minutes left in the first half. Now the Ducks need to go out and take care of business.

Rob Moseley calls it a perfect storm on the USC side. Not buying into this personally.

Ken Goe says it is time to get this thing on. I agree Ken, let's just do it.

Rob Moseley is at the game and it looks like ti will be all whites today with the new silver shoes.


Puddles Teaches USC Cheerleader how to Duckie

During today's broadcast of ESPN College GameDay the Oregon Duck, Puddles, teaches a USC cheerleader how to do the Duckie. Too much fun. Video courtesy of keeerrrttt1.


GameDay Crew Likes the Ducks

ESPN College GameDay from this morning. Kirk Herbstreit doesn't actually pick the Ducks as he is calling the game, but you know who he likes. Desmond picks the Ducks and later Lee Corso puts on the Duck Head.


Play Calling with Pictures

This segment appeared on the ESPN College GameDay show today. It shows how the Ducks use placards with pictures to call plays and keep the tempo moving. A picture is worth a thousand words or in the case of the Ducks. a thousand hand signals.


Corso Puts on the Duck Head

• Lee Corso puts on the Duck Head at ESPN College Gameday this morning. Did you really have any doubt?


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Adam Jude has your Friday practice (walk-through) update.

"Focused," UO coach Chip Kelly said of his team's preparation. "They had good attention to detail and they got a good sweat going, so it was a real good workout."

Kelly has said before that this group is as focused as any team he's been around, and he's credited their intense preparation for their 7-0 start.

"They understand it," he said. "We have a good bunch of leaders and they keep everyone focused."

George Schroeder has a good article on the continuing stories floating around the internet on the trash talk and notes Chip Kelly labels it for what it is.

The correct reaction for coaches, players, fans, everyone is to chuckle. Or maybe to yawn. There’s not much in sports more overrated than bulletin-board material. The concept is, as Kelly called it, “high-school stuff.”

Just go play.

Ken Goe reports that Darron Thomas is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to making bold predictions.

Of Thomas' preference to do more and talk less, defensive back Javes Lewis said: "He's not ever talking about what he's going to do on Saturday. He's like, 'Man, talk to me on Sunday. Then we'll see how it went down.'"

Adam Jude has a good story on Cliff Harris who might not make predictions but is never hesitant to be confident in his own abilities, and usually backs them up.

Teammates have nicknamed him “Kash” because he’s so money (and he knows it). But after a recent comment to a Fresno Bee reporter — when Harris said he is “the cheese on top of the nachos” — another nickname might start sticking.

“All right, see you, Nacho,” senior safety Marvin Johnson said as he walked past Harris the other day.

Ted Miller has some good Oregon factoids in his "did you know" piece this week.

Aaron Fentress mentions a couple of games that have BCS implications today.

Bob Rickert calls today's Oregon game, the game of the year.

Does USC have enough defense (or depth) to hang with Oregon today?

A win today will help Oregon with those BCS computer rankings.

Pundits predictions galore. Final tally, Oregon-13, USC-2.

My Prediction: Oregon-42 USC-38. Uni's from the top down. Yellow helmet, white jersey and green pants. Corso puts on the Duck Head.

Wade Evanson at eDuck, who thinks a little respect would go a long way when it comes to USC. It is a good read so check it out.

Is it too much to ask for a little humility? Is mutual respect extinct in the West Adams District of South Central Los Angeles? And is perspective lost on those operating inside the bubble that is the University of Southern California?

Apparently so.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Ducks ready for USC - Video

Oregon-USC, and a word from the Ducks' defense

• Nick Aliotti, Casey Matthews, Spencer Paysinger, along with Brandon Bair break down USC. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian. Loved what Nick said, they might be practicing fast but we play at "Hyper-Speed"....Can't wait.


Fly Ducks Fly

This story courtesy of Dave @ As Seen By Dave

It still twists my stomach to think about it! Last year, on Halloween, USC came to town, along with the rest of College Football Nation. The weeks leading up to that game were pure agony for me. The only thing I could think about was USC. My anxiety had never been so’s almost foolish to think about it now. I wasn’t sleeping right, I wasn’t processing right—nothing could control my emotions.

When the game was over, I had to realize that all of those anxieties were for nothing. You see, we handed it to USC in a significant way. It wasn’t a was a bloodbath that sent ol’ Pete on his way. They talked a big game. Remember Barkley spouting off about how the crowd wouldn’t affect him? Guess what Matt? That wasn’t a good idea. The Ducks were simply better than USC, proving that my anxieties were not necessary...not on that day.

Funny how things come back to you. Again, this week, I started feeling a lot of anxiety. Everybody is talking about the upset, and it starts to make sense. Number one teams have been losing on the road, especially when GameDay is in town. Yes. USC is at home, and this is their bowl game. Yes. USC is also coming off a bye week. Yes. These things are all true—but let’s throw some logic into the equation.

Outside of superstitious tendencies, it doesn’t matter that GameDay is coming, that Oregon is number one, and that in the past weeks, that has spelled doom for the top-dog. Oregon hasn’t been that number one team in the spotlight, on the road, with GameDay in town; so to think that we’ll lose on that account is hogwash. Stinky hogwash. Also, although I do give some credit to the bye week, I also know that Oregon played on Thursday, giving them a long time to relax and prepare for this game. I also know that it takes more than a bye week to help a team face the wicked machine that is Oregon. And it’s also true that USC is at home, and that it’s like their bowl game...but I know the end, it doesn’t matter how USC perceives this game. What I do know is that Oregon was better than USC last year, and we beat them with razor sharp Duck feathers.

Here’s some more logic for you. Oregon was better than USC last year, and it showed. Oregon is better than they were last year, and that shows as well. USC is worse than they were last year...and guess what...that’s not so hard to see either. So, following that train of thought, USC doesn’t stand an iota of a chance coming into this game.

Everything aside, football is a game that is played on the field, within four quarters. The swings in momentum, and the outcome are not a given, which makes it a great sport to watch. But I also know that the better team will usually win, and Oregon is the better team. It’s a good feeling for me. I’ve traded my anxieties from last year in for excitement this year. I’m not anxious about whether or not the Ducks will win, I’m simply excited to see how they do it. How many times will Oregon create a turnover? How many 25 yard rushes will LMJ have? Will Huff, Davis, and Maehl all catch touchdowns? How familiar will Mr. Barkley be with his own turf at the end of the game? These are the questions that I’m excited to see answered...and of many points do we stab into their Trojan hearts?

So, what is the prediction from my end...?

I see Oregon winning the day in glamorous fashion. Nobody will doubt our dominance once they witness, on National television, what we are going to do to USC.

Oregon 65
USC 24

Lid--Chrome (old school, yellow UO)
Jersey--Old school white
Pants--Old school yellow

Corso--Duck head all the way!

If you liked Dave's story be sure to leave him a comment @ As Seen By Dave

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Thursday practice update.

The injury list included both Kenjon Barner (head) and Anthony Gildon (leg) today, and I didn't see Barner. Gildon missed the UCLA game, and since he's remained limited by his injury, I'd guess he's something like questionable to play Saturday, with Cliff Harris in line to make another start.

Ron Bellamy shares feature story on USC's defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

The phrase “gimmick offense” has been thrown around in relation to Oregon, to Kelly’s chagrin, but Kiffin doesn’t buy that.

“They do a lot of different things, they really do, and it can tax your players,” he said. “But they also execute it. Everybody can draw plays and draw up routes, but can they execute it?

“I’m impressed with both, the scheme and how they execute it with their players, how they play.”

Jason Vondersmith wonders if Oregon can add to the astronomical numbers they have been posting each game.

The DuckStar was seen over the skies of LA last night.

Ted Miller notes that some "trash talking" has been going on all week and also has his Pac-10 predictions (Oregon by 11.)

John Canzano talked with Chip Kelly and Darron Thomas on his radio show yesterday and he shares the audio of the interview.

Rob Moseley talks with common opponents of Oregon and USC and they a battle of high powered offenses.

The Armenian Demon, Oregon's #1 fan, has a warning for USC.

Ken Goe says Darron Thomas might walk softly but he strikes hard.

"My high school coach is a big talker," he said. "He's a friendly guy, but he'll talk your life away."

By contrast, Thomas measures every word.

But he makes a statement with what he does.


Chip Kelly Interview after 10-28 practice - Video

• Chip Kelly answers reporters questions after practice yesterday. Video courtesy of


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ken Goe, Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney take a look at the Wednesday practice.

From Ken: UO coach Chip Kelly kept things amped, pushing the pace. The music blared.

"They practiced really hard today, which is good," Kelly said. "Their effort was really good. They came out flying around."

From Rob: The injury list shrunk — Javes Lewis (leg) and Anthony Gildon (leg) were in red but practiced (and Darron Thomas looked fine) — with Kenjon Barner again suiting up but mostly watching.

From Chris: "They're picking up on things," said [Chip] Kelly. "They're going to make mistakes (throughout the course of a week), but it's 'Do you continue to make the same mistake?' and what's your mental focus and do you get distracted...our guys aren't."

Ted Miller has his weekly Pac-10 "stock report" and finds DT's stock has risen.

Oregon's sophomore QB completed 22 of 31 passes for 308 yards with three TDs and no interceptions in the 60-13 win over UCLA on Thursday. And he was named a semifinalist for the O'Brien Award, given annually to the nation's best quarterback.

Marcus Moss gives you the "rundown" on the game at USC. Here is his conclusion.

The Ducks have the natural motivation of playing USC at the Coliseum and the confidence of battling back from adversity. Look for Coach Kelly to send a message to the rest of the conference and the nation as the Ducks put the throttle down from start to finish.

Can USC stop the Ducks? A lot is being made of how defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin (the coaches Dad) will try and stop Oregon's fast paced offense. Ken Goe, John Hunt, Rob Moseley and Ted Miller all dedicate stories to the subject. Here is Ted Miller's final thought in his article.

But can they slow Oregon? The younger [Lane} Kiffin, once known for bluster, was almost reverent describing the Ducks' offense.

"They are so explosive," Kiffin said. "The style they play is like something we haven't seen. Or probably anybody's ever seen."

Graduation rates for student athletes are improving at Oregon.

Lord Beverage and Muchas G recount the dismantling of UCLA last Thursday at Autzen and look forward to another Huge Gameday Event this Saturday at USC. The guys hand out Duck You's and take a stroll around the Pac-10. Do yourself a favor and listen to their podcast, you won't be disappointed.


Zone Read Basics - Video

Ted Miller of ESPN talks with OC Mark Helfrich on the basics of the zone read offense.


Speed and Space, a Lethal Combo - Video

Todd McShay of ESPN describes what speed and space do to confuse the defense when Oregon gets to rolling on offense.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Chris Courtney and Rob Moseley bring you the Tuesday practice updates.

Chris Courtney: Kenjon Barner returned to practice today. Though he donned a red non-contact jersey and carried his helmet for much of the day, he was seen doing some conditioning drills on the sidelines as the team practiced inside the Moshofsky Center this morning.

Rob Moseley: First thing I saw were back-to-back interceptions by John Boyett and Cliff Harris. I walked out to grab a coffee, returned moments later and there was Harris grabbing another pick.
Spencer Paysinger also had a leaping interception later in the day, and on the scout-team defense safety Erick Dargan picked off Nate Costa in a similar manner. Who knows what any of that means for Saturday's game, but they were impressive displays of athleticism. has the week 9 football release ready where you can learn all the facts figures and trivia surrounding the game at USC.

Ted Miller says that we should be rooting for Jeremiah Masoli this week as Ole Miss takes on Auburn at home.

Ken Goe, Rob Moseley, John Hunt and Lucas Clark all believe we will see a much improved Matt Barkley and USC team in general this year compared to last.

Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney want to let Duck fans in LA know that there is a movement to have our presence felt at ESPN's College GameDay. The Facebook group page has all the details.

Stephen Alexander reports that OG Carson York is a "mental giant" with an attitude.

“He’s got a temper,” [Mark] Asper says. “He’s got some fire, a little mean streak in him that’s a great tool sometimes. When he gets a vendetta going against one of the guys out there, it’s lights out.”

Ted Miller has a really good story on Oregon's depth and heavy rotation, especially on defense.

Kelly's system, in fact, seems to nurture itself, helping in the short term -- fresh players in the game -- and the long term -- lots of experience players on hand to off-set injuries and attrition.

So when asked if it was a matter of a "chicken or the egg" as to whether his heavy rotation was due to philosophy or a surfeit of quality players, he replied, "It's the chicken and the egg."


OC Mark Helfrich after 10-26 practice - Video

• Offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich talks about preparing for USC. Video courtesy of


Chip Kelly 10-26 Press Conference - Video

Video: Oregon Ducks coach Chip Kelly talks USC

Chip Kelly answers questions from the media at yesterday's weekly press conference. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.

Oregon vs USC Preview

Video: Ken Goe and John Hunt break down the Oregon-USC game

• Ken Goe and John Hunt discuss this weeks game. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brandon Bair Interview after 10-26 practice - Video

• What's not to like about "The Bair." Video courtesy of


Nick Aliotti Interview after 10-26 practice - Video

• Nick Aliotti, "all we need to do is match fire with fire." Put it on the line Nick. Video courtesy of


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley and Chris Courtney provide the Monday practice updates.

Rob: Overall, today seemed to be a good one for the defensive backs, as they came up with a number of turnovers, though the catch of the day was a finger-tips interception by Casey Matthews just as the football was about to hit the turf.

Chris: Kelly noted after practice this morning how pleased he's been with sophomore defensive end, Dion Jordan. Jordan, who earned team special teams player of the week honors after his performance against UCLA, was singled out by Kelly, who was impressed with his defensive effort as well, saying, "I really though he generated some real pressure in the run game by slipping blocks and getting in to the backfield."

Ted Miller looks at the remaining Pac-10 schedule and how that relates to bowl games.

John Hunt notes that Darron Thomas as been added to the Davey O'Brien watch list as a semifinalist. The award is given annually to the nation's best quarterback.

The Heisman Pundit has LaMichael James as #2 on their watch list for week 8 right behind Cam Newton of Auburn.

ABC will be covering the Washington vs Oregon game on November 6 and it will be either a 12:30pm or 5:00pm (local time) time slot. A final determination will not be released until after this weekend's games.

John Hunt has a good story on how Chip Kelly keeps motivating the team.

Ted Miller says that USC wants to return the favor and give Oregon nightmares.

Ken Goe feels that if Oregon keeps winning the BCS computers will start to recognize the tough games at the end of our season.

The computers won't care which mascot head Lee Corso puts on Saturday morning, but the Trojans will upgrade Oregon's strength of schedule. The Ducks have tough late-season games with Cal, Arizona and Oregon State ahead as well.

If the Ducks keep winning, the computers should come around.


Darron Thomas Interview after 10-25 practice

DT talks about the upcoming game and the BCS rankings. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Oregon vs UCLA 2010 Motivational - Be Amazing

OregonGridiron produced this montage prior to the UCLA. Enjoy!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Bair of a family man - Video

• Nice video of Brandon Bair at home with his wife and daughter. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Chip Kelly Interview after 10-25 practice - Video

• Coach Kelly talks about preparing for USC and the BCS. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley notes that while we picked up votes in the AP and coaches poll we are still at #2 in the BCS. Rob has done a good job in figuring out the remaining schedules of the unbeaten teams and concludes that we have nothing to worry about as long as we keep winning when it comes to finishing in the top two in the BCS. And really, that's all that matters.

Ted Miller has his weekly, "What we learned in the Pac-10" article posted.

Oregon can handled the pressure of No. 1 (so far): After earning a No. 1 ranking in the major polls for the first time in program history, Oregon bombed UCLA 60-13 on Thursday. It was a performance that indicated the Ducks aren't going to be bothered by the national championship chase hype. Of course, a visit to USC on Saturday is a bigger test.

John Hunt wonders if Darron Thomas should be mentioned in the Heisman race?

Lindsay Schnell takes a look at how current high-schoolers and future Ducks did in their games this last weekend in her Friday Night Lights series.

Rob Moseley, Jason Vondersmith and John Hunt take a look at what faces Oregon as they prepare to play USC next Saturday. Here is a sample from John's story.

The most important difference in USC's offense, from the Ducks' perspective, is that super-talented quarterback Matt Barkley appears to have been unleashed.

"The ball is more in Barkley's hands now than before,'' Kelly said. "He's talented. He's thrown the most touchdowns in this league, sixth in the country in pass efficiency, he's doing a really, really nice job. ...
They're a handful again offensively.''


Inside the Pac - Week 8

• Tom Ward, Nick Krupke and former Oregon kicker and current R-G analyst Ken Woody talk about the win over UCLA and the upcoming USC game. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oregon stays at #1 in AP and Coaches poll

Ted Miller and ESPN confirm that Oregon remains in the #1 position in both polls. Auburn jumped from the #5 spot up to #3 and has been rumored to replace Oklahoma at the top in the BCS. Now we have to wait for the BCS late this afternoon.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley shares his feature story that appeared in yesterday's R-G: "Oregon’s winning hand starts with a pocket ace." Here is a short sample.

Oregon may have lost a potential Heisman Trophy candidate when Jeremiah Masoli left the team this offseason, but the Ducks might just be even better off at quarterback with Thomas. And if he’s not careful, the precocious sophomore could eventually get some Heisman mention of his own.
“You see him maturing in front of your eyes, and it’s a neat thing to see,” UO coach Chip Kelly said. “When we’ve got our receivers and Darron clicking like that, it’s a tough operation to stop.”

Ted Miller gave out helmet stickers and Darron Thomas got his.

The Oregon QB completed 22 of 31 passes for 308 yards with three TDs and no interceptions in the 60-13 win over UCLA on Thursday.

Versus has picked up the Oregon game at Cal on November 13th, it will be broadcast at 4:30pm PT. The local Comcast channel is 32 or 732 in HD.

ESPN College GameDay will be at USC next week to cover the game, what are the odds Lee Corso puts on the Duck head? About 100% I'd say.

If you're a die hard Duck, fan like myself, then you probably watched a ton of college games yesterday hoping for a Northwestern, LSU and Missouri win to help out our case with the BCS rankings.

Northwestern blew an early 17 point lead to let #7 Michigan St. win.

#4 Auburn played a hell of a game against #6 LSU and prevailed. Auburn was led by Cam Newton at QB who is very impressive.

The biggest game was #1 Oklahoma vs #11 Missouri and the Tigers didn't disappoint, as they beat the #1 Sooners 36-27. We'll see if that propels the #2 Ducks into the top spot, but the worry is that Auburn could sneak by the Ducks, we'll see later today.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chip Kelly on ESPN College Gameday

Chip the Skip talks about staying focused and preparing for USC. It was also mentioned Gameday might be going to LA next week and having Oregon vs USC be the featured game.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Ken Goe notes what Chip Kelly said about the new Pac-12 alignment and not going to the LA area every year when he was asked immediately following the UCLA game.

"We need to go to the Rose Bowl," Kelly said, referring to the fact the Pac-12 champ has an automatic ticket to the "granddaddy of bowl games. "It's on us. We've got to go to the Rose Bowl. That means we're in L.A. every year. We've got nothing to squawk about."

If you weren't at the UCLA game you missed what stadium announcer Don Essig said just before the Ducks took the field.

"I've been waiting 43 years to say this, "Your number one ranked Oregon Ducks."

It was a very cool moment. is holding special sale for their number one fans.

Aaron Fentress reports that their are a couple of key games today that have BCS implications. The #6 LSU vs #5 Auburn game at 12:30pm (CBS) and the #1 Oklahoma vs #11 Missouri matchup at 5:00pm (ABC).

Go LSU and Missouri. There are also rumors flying around on Twitter that Chip Kelly will be doing an interview on ESPN College GameDay this morning around 7:40am. All times listed are PDT.

SI has a lot of love for the Ducks as they take a look in their mid-season crystal ball.

Ken Goe reports now that we have handily taken care of UCLA the focus turns to the USC game.

“We just have to go in and focus,” UO quarterback Darron Thomas said. “We have to come in this week, going to USC in the Coliseum, prepare well enough to go out there, start good and finish.”


Terrell Turner after the UCLA game - Video

Terrell Turner talks about the UCLA game. I liked the part about how the team can tell when the opponent is getting tired. When the Ducks see that it's like, "that's a wrap." Also enjoy his obvious enthusiasm for his teammates and coaches. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Chip Kelly after the UCLA victory

Chip talks about the the UCLA win after the game. Video courtesy of KVAL.


David Paulson after the UCLA game - Video

David Paulson discusses his role in the win over UCLA and talks about that amazing one handed grab. Video courtesy of KVAL.


Friday, October 22, 2010

UCLA vs Oregon Highlights - Video

Here you go Duck fans. All of the Oregon highlights from the game last night. If you enjoyed my little video take a moment to subscribe over at YouTube so you will be notified everytime I upload a new video.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Post game stories came in from every direction last night as Oregon put a beat-down on UCLA 60-13. Ken Goe said "compute this BCS" and Ted Miller called it a "bludgeoning."

More game stories from Rob Moseley, Ken Woody, Steve Summers,, Stephen Alexander and ESPN.

Register Guard photographers share their pictures.

Andy Mac breaks down all the numbers and personal bests.

Chris Courtney and Daily Emerald reporter Robert Husseman have nice stories about Remene Alston who scored three times last night.

ESPN UCLA blogger, Blair Angulo, has this to say when grading their coaches(and it was a D.)

Can coach Rick Neuheisel, offensive coordinator Norm Chow and defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough take much from a 60-13 embarrassment? UCLA had an extra week to prepare, but it didn’t matter against the high-powered Ducks. We're not sure an extra month could have helped.

Lindsay Schnell notes that LaMichael continues his assault on the Oregon record books and push towards a shot at the Heisman.

His assault on the Oregon record books? Never ending, as James finished off another 100-yard rushing game, giving him 14 in his career, tying him all-time with former running back Jonathan Stewart.

His Heisman campaign? Gaining steam, after rushing for 123 yards on two touchdowns on 20 carries, bringing his total for the season to 971 yards and 11 touchdowns.

"He's a tough kid, he's a little guy and he runs like he's (225 pounds)," said center Jordan Holmes of James, who is listed at 5-foot-9 and 185 pounds. "He's not afraid to put his shoulder down and that's really why he's such a complete back: He's got the speed and elusiveness, but he's also not afraid to get down and dirty and get those few extra yards with guys in front of him." 

I'll be making a highlight video later today and should have it posted this afternoon. Stay tuned.


Jeff Maehl - Post Game Interview

Postgame video: Jeff Maehl

• The Maehlman delivered as did the rest of team. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


LaMichael James - Post Game Press Conference

Postgame video: LaMichael James

LaMichael talks with reporters after the game. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.


Post game highlights - Pac-12 Split

Local TV station KVAL had this story from the news last night as Oregon routed UCLA 60-13. Athletic director at the U of O, Rob Mullens also talks about the new Pac-12 divisional split. More stories coming soon.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Minute GameDay stories

Rob Moseley has his gameday preview ready for your viewing as the Ducks face their first challenge as the #1 team in the nation.

Chip Kelly has done a deft job this week of acknowledging the No. 1 ranking without overplaying its importance.

“Does it mean something because we’re up towards the top? Yeah,” he said. “If we were 40th right now, we probably wouldn’t have a chance to go (to the title game).

“But the way this deal’s set up, it’s a playoff system. We’ve got six games left, and if we lose one, we’re out.”

Ted Miller has his Pac-10 predictions posted and has Oregon as 27 point favorites.

Oregon 44, UCLA 17: I played this game in my head, like, 71 times, and UCLA never won. Maybe I should do it 72, but I'm going with the Ducks. Not a good thing to show up in Autzen Stadium with quarterback questions and no passing game no matter who stands behind center.

Stephen Alexander at the Portland Tribune says that special teams have made the difference for the Ducks this year.

While the Oregon Ducks offense is putting up astronomical numbers and the defense has been virtually bulletproof in the second half, the special teams' success has been a key factor to the Ducks' 6-0 record and unprecedented, No. 1 ranking.

Ken Goe thinks it could be a blowout tonight.

The Bruins will be short-handed because of injuries and discipline issues, another reason Oregon might have this one put away early, and the final margin might be -- to use one of UO coach Chip Kelly's words -- ginormous.

Ted Miller posts his weekly, "What to for in the Pac-10", and he thinks that would be a good chance for Oregon to make a statement.

If the Ducks post a, "Wow," performance, it helps them maintain or even improve their stature. It means, for example, the voters in the Southeast or the flyover states who raise a skeptical eye at Pac-10 football go, "Golly." Don't believe blowing out UCLA won't have traction. You can't argue about how the Bruins physically dominated Texas, which probably isn't going to lose another game in the Big 12. You want pollsters to go, "You know, Auburn/Oklahoma/Boise State is good, but Oregon, man, that team looks good."

We are heading out to Autzen and our tailgater. I'll be back in the morning with game stories and then my highlight video later in the day.


Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley has the Wednesday practice update as the team had a fast paced walk-through inside Autzen Stadium yesterday morning .

I asked Chip Kelly afterward what his final message to the team would be before they left the locker room Thursday night, that one element that he most wants them to keep in mind for the game.

"Ball security is the No. 1 thing," Kelly said. "If you look at us, when we've been in trouble, it's because we've put the ball on the ground."

George Schroeder shares a feature story on how Oregon must win a beauty contest for BCS consideration.

“We really are in a six-game playoff,” he [Chip Kelly] says. “… If we lose, we’re out.”

But here’s the thing: In the BCS, the Ducks don’t have to lose to be out.

Kelly is correct, the second half of the season is a playoff. It’s also a horse race. And a beauty contest.

“Perception” isn’t listed anywhere in the BCS formula, but it’s one of the most important ingredients.

Kelly needs to try to control it.

A beauty contest is one thing but it's still about winning football games. Ted Miller and Steve Brandon are all about winning games to pave the way to the "big game."

Adam Sparks says that all eyes are on Oregon football, including Donald Duck. While visiting Disneyland, Donald threw up an "O" for Adam (pictured above) who was wearing Duck gear while visiting the amusement park.

The superlatives, accolades, watch lists and mid-season reports continue to shower the Ducks with love. Sports Illustrated has their All-America team halfway through the season and Oregon players are well represented on it as well as numerous watch lists. Andy Mac has all the details.

John Canzano thinks the coaching duel today will be interesting to watch after UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said that he believes someone will eventually solve Oregon's offense and that he hopes it happens Thursday night at Autzen.

Know that Kelly was mildly irked at the Neuheisel assertion. Kelly said of the offense he's honed since 1998, "It's not a gimmick."

Ken Goe thinks that the game could get gruesome if Oregon disarms the UCLA pistol offense.

The Armenian Demon has his usual pregame video ready for your viewing pleasure on YouTube.

Adam Jude has a nice feature story on Josh Huff, who as a true freshmen is playing all over the field.

“I think he’s going to play offensive guard next week,” receivers coach Scott Frost joked.

If asked, Huff probably wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try.

“I just want to help the team any way I can,” said Huff, who turned 19 last Thursday. “If they decide to move me to defense, I’ll play defense.”

My game prediction: Oregon wins easily 52-10 and will sport a yellow helmet and jersey with black pants.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lesson Learned

Story courtesy of Dave @ As Seen by Dave
It is with the slapping sound that both father and son begin to cry. Sure, not everybody believes in spanking, but I’m sure everybody understands its purpose. A child needs to learn certain things, and for some parents, a good ol’ spanking is the easiest, fastest way to get the point across. Now understand, I’m not encouraging you to go spanking a bunch of kids...I’m making a point.

This week, I want to see Oregon get spanked. I’ll harp on this again over the course of the season, but I can’t stress it enough—last year we were too big for our britches. When we went to the Rose Bowl, it was with an undeserved air of confidence. I saw Oregon fans having a great time tailgating. I saw Oregon fans giving a razzing to those Buckeye fans. I saw Oregon fans skipping and dancing and laughing all about, before we had won anything. What were the Buckeyes doing? Well, they weren’t tailgating. They weren’t harassing Oregon fans. They were business. When I walked into the stadium, I was shocked at how much red I saw, because those people were not in the parking lots. They knew they didn’t deserve to celebrate anything—yet.

I want Oregon to be sent to reality this week. I’ll be repeating this over the course of the season as well...nobody in the Pac-10 is going to lay down for Oregon. And, no Pac-10 team is a complete patsy...just ask the Cougars. We are the team that other teams can’t wait to play. Remember Michigan coming to Autzen? Remember Oklahoma coming to Autzen? USC on Halloween last year? We are those teams. Our opponents will be thinking, and planning for us. Their players will be jacked up on doof-balls waiting for their shot at our glory. Trust me, this won’t be an easy ride.

As for the Bruins, I expect a game that is closer than most are predicting. UCLA knows how to get-up for big games...just ask Texas. They are going to come into Autzen ready to play hard, and ready to play fast. I think the first three quarters, the score remains close, with UCLA getting a lead or two. I think Darron Thomas, after not having played (sans a single quarter) for quite some time will be a bit rusty. I see him getting intercepted early, and I see UCLA scoring on that opportunity. I want the fans to be scared, and I want Oregon to be scared—scared of getting spanked.

That said, I don’t see UCLA coming out victorious. They are simply not deep enough to match us in the 4th quarter. I think the Ducks put up 17 points in the final quarter and don’t give any away. We leave this game with a victory, but the realization will hit ‘em—no team, not even a bottom-feeder in the Pac-10 is going to be easy. And I like that. I want us to be grounded now, and realize what is in front of us, instead of that hitting us later, against a team that may be able to pull one away from our Mighty Ducks.

Quack 41
Bruins 24

Yellow Cap
Yellow Jersey
Green Pant

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Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley has your Tuesday practice update plus some notes on the Chip Kelly press conference after practice.

Kenjon Barner (head), Zac Clark (leg), Anthony Gildon (leg) and Terrell Turner  (leg) all remain listed on the injury report, though Barner is the only one completely sidelined at this point. Based on past weeks and the participation of guys with minor injuries in practice, I'd guess the latter three play but don't start. Wade Keliikipi, Cliff Harris and Dion Jordan could draw those assignments, with Ricky Heimuli and Anthony Anderson potentially pressed into more action than usual on the defensive line.

Steve Summers, Marcus Moss, Rob Moseley and Ken Goe reflect on the UCLA game and the Ducks playing for the first time with their number one ranking. makes it official. Everyone is being asked to wear yellow to the game and make Autzen rock for the nationally televised game on ESPN.

Ken Goe and John Hunt talk about the likely starters on defense who will be replacing the three injured Ducks.

Adam Jude shares a notebook article that appeared in yesterday's R-G on Oregon receivers coach Scott Frost who likens this Duck team to his '97 Nebraska squad who won a share of the national championship.

“They come out here and prepare the same way every day,” he said Monday. “I don’t think any of ’em are caught up in this.”

What Frost likes most is that the players have bought in so well to coach Chip Kelly’s live-in-the-moment mantra.

Lord Beverage and Muchas G talk about the Ducks and their new number one ranking, Neuweasel and how the Ducks have something stinky a brewing for the UCLA Bruins. Listen to their podcast here.


Ken Goe talks about the UCLA game

Video: Ken Goe after the Oregon Ducks practice

Ken Goe on what to expect Thursday night and the preparation leading up to the game. Video courtesy of Molly Blue and the Oregonian.