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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pre-game Stories

Stanford did their part to bring College GameDay to Eugene next week as they easily handled Notre Dame.

The Pac-10 had a good day in another game as well with the shocker being UCLA taking out #7 Texas, who saw that coming?

Let's see how the Schmeeves and the Ducks do this evening.

Ken Goe says "the heat, who cares?" as long as they have a plan for the QB, LB and return game.

Bob Rickert thinks the conditioning of Oregon's defense will be tested tonight.

Believe Oregon will win if they play their game. It may be close for awhile but Oregon's defense is loaded with speed and Coach Radcliffe does a tremendous job preparing guys physically.



Dave said...

How 'bout them Bruins?

DuckStud said...

Crazy man..