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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• The "O" Games marked the end of Fall Camp yesterday and it looks like everyone had a good time. Video above is courtesy of KVAL. How cool is Mark Asper calling the play by play in Spanish?

• The focus now turns to the game next Saturday versus New Mexico. The newly named QB, Darron Thomas, will be out on the practice field this morning with his teammates as they prepare.

• John Hunt and Ted Miller weigh in on Chip Kelly's decision to go with Thomas instead of Costa.

From John Hunt: It seems in Thomas they saw two things: more of a running threat, and more an upside despite a relative lack of experience.

From Ted Miller: Kelly, who made the announcement on twitter, isn't conservative. Picking a sophomore over a steady fifth-year senior with Costa's leadership skills shows that Kelly is willing to roll the dice when his instincts tell him to.

• Ken Goe says the Ducks have an opportunity for a special season and should settle for nothing less.

There is a void at the top, and Oregon is well positioned to show last year's run to the title was no fluke.

So, Oregon's mission statement in 2010 isn't just to fill void at the top of the conference. The Ducks need to do something in the postseason too.


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Dave said...

It was the upside that got Thomas in that position. Nate is steady, but Darron could be spectacular. Word.