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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Morning Mud
Rob Moseley broke his practice updates into two parts, morning and afternoon, while Chris Courtney combined his coverage into one post. Here are some samples.

Moseley on the morning practice: Nate Costa and Darron Thomas were a bit inconsistent, tilting the practice in favor of the defense for the most part. Costa hasn’t been as accurate as usual in the last 24 hours, and Thomas isn’t really standing out either.

LaMichael James had a great option run today on which he ended up racing down the sideline, thanks to a block by receiver Justin Hoffman on the perimeter.

Moseley on the afternoon practice: Slotback Josh Huff got his most extensive work since returning from an ankle injury. He looked really explosive both as a kickoff returner and with the offense. “The one thing I’ll give Josh credit for, he stayed on top of things mentally” while sidelined by the injury, Kelly said. “When he gets in, he knows what he’s doing.”

Chris Courtney's Report: Nate Costa, despite showing good speed on designed runs, he was plagued -- unofficially -- by three ugly interceptions (one of which came during the team's redzone scenario) today during 11-on-11's. For Darron Thomas, though he may have been more accurate overall, he failed to produce big plays in the passing game and was often forced to throw the ball away when pressured in the pocket.

 Sophomore running back LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner  once again had good days today, as both players appear to already be in midseason form. Barner, for a second consecutive day, was particularly impressive, showing his versatility gaining big yards on an end around while also establishing himself as a force lined up as a more traditional running back.

John Hunt shares his impressions of the Friday afternoon practice session.

Lovely afternoon on the practice fields Friday but not for Nate Costa, as cornerback Cliff Harris continued his one-day torment of the quarterback.

After picking off Costa in the morning, Harris had two more interceptions in the afternoon session.

Darron Thomas got the upper hand today, but he was continually throwing balls away – not that that’s a bad thing, but the passing game was sputtering.

Ken Goe looks at the lighter side of practice after linebacker coach Don Pellum challenged his group to take on a tackling sled.

The UO linebackers destroyed a tackling sled at the Ducks’ Friday morning practice in Autzen Stadium by hitting it so hard bolts popped out from the sled's base.

"Coach said if we break one of the sleds during drills he would get us lunch," Matthews said. "We all went through it, and finally the cord snapped. So I think he owes us lunch."

Pellum smiled sheepishly.

“I didn’t think they would break it,” he said. “It’s a brand new sled.”


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