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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

First up is this short little video by TheSportsBrewery showing the new turf and sideboards at Autzen Stadium.

According to reports from Chris Courtney and Rob Moseley both Costa and Thomas saw some improvement in their play yesterday but Chris gave the edge to Thomas.

Thomas effectively stole the show, going 3-of-4 and developing a nice rhythm with true freshman wide receiver Josh Huff on the second team offense's drive.

Rob noted that one particular defensive player seems to be Costa's nemesis.

Redshirt freshman linebacker Boseko Lokombo continued to torment Costa, jumping a short route to intercept one pass and tipping another later. By my count, Lokombo has three interceptions and two pass breakups in three days.

Adam Jude has a nice article on true freshman QB Bryan Bennett who has quickly made his presence known.

What became clear was who has emerged as the top candidate to back up those two veterans this season.

Bryan Bennett zipped passes all over the field Tuesday afternoon with the No. 3 offense. He found running back Lache Seastrunk in stride in the flat. He sneaked in a fastball between defenders to hit tight end Curtis White. He slipped outside for a healthy gain with his legs.

Ken Goe says TE David Paulson is a first down waiting to happen in this story.

Big as in 6 feet 4, 241 pounds, with maybe the softest set of hands on the team.

In the meantime, Paulson quietly goes about his business.

"He's a good leader because he does all the right things," Osborne said. "He's a good student. He's never been late to a meeting. He's one of those guys who does everything he is supposed to do."

Rob Moseley highlights LaMichael James in this story that appeared in print yesterday. There is also a video in the post if you click on the video tab.

Entering 2010, James feels stronger and better conditioned, even more capable of withstanding the rigors of a Pac-10 football season. After a spring with the UO track team, he believes he’s faster, too.

Wrap up today with a little quote from Chip Kelly on the QB competition.

Regarding the quarterback competition, Kelly was preaching some patience to the media in his post-practice briefing. As he’s said before, a starter won’t be named (at least publicly) for a few weeks. Until then, he’s evaluating “everything” the quarterbacks do—and he means everything.

“I evaluate how they eat their eggs in the morning,” he said, smirking. “It’s an all encompassing thing for us.”



duckdup said...

Wow, I really enjoy the way the way they cropped "Oregon Ducks" on either sideline. It's subtle, but still speaks to the postmodern attitude Oregon has acclaimed (namely, true hybrid QBs, bold jerseys, option offenses). This is a true road-paving team. I love this team.

DuckStud said...

Thanks for stopping by duckdup and I agree, I Love My Ducks...

duckdup said...

<p>I've been reading ur site for a couple years. I enjoy the info you collect from different sources. Thanks for your good work!