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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The biggest (and only?) question mark heading into fall camp is who will win the starting job as quarterback? The debate seems to be heating up and the stories are starting to pour in.

Will it be the mature and steady play of Nate Costa, as George Schroeder and John Canzano report, or do we go with the flash and youth of Darron Thomas as Keith Becker suggests.

Personally, my money is on Costa. Be sure to check out the Canzano story, you might learn something about Costa you didn't know.

Looks like the Ducks vs LSU in 2011 is coming closer to reality as John Hunt notes.

“No contracts have been signed – it’s not a done deal yet,’’ UO spokesman David Williford said Tuesday. “It’s certainly in the works.’’

Ted Miller previews the defensive tackle position in the Pac-10 and has Oregon in the "good shape" category.

Brandon Bair is underrated, and Zac Clark saw plenty of action as a backup in 2009. While inexperienced, there's young talent to provide depth.

Rob Moseley closes out today with a preview of the defensive line.

[Kenny] Rowe is the defining player on the line, not only because of his production but because how he lines up usually determines whether the Ducks present a 4-3 or 3-4 front to the opposition. Oregon does have even more exotic looks it can present, but Rowe is the real key to the defense’s versatility.


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Dave said...

I can't understand why LSU would want to ruin its season by starting off with the Ducks. Word.