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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley notes that a report out of have 4* WR Tacoi Sumler from Miami committing to Oregon. Here is a video interview with Sumler from ESPN.

“There is no better sports marketing program than the Warsaw program Oregon offers. I think it’s one of the best fits for me on the field as well. The combination of what they offer on and off the field is simply the best overall opportunity for me."

• Rob also posted  his fall camp preview of the running backs.

The question for James entering fall camp is, what does he do for an encore, now that he’ll be the centerpiece of Oregon’s offense, to the extent that there even is one in a spread.

Here is another indication that Masoli is headed for Ole Miss.

Chip Kelly took the time yesterday to do an interview with ESPN Radio and says we'll only have one QB come opening day. You can listen to the complete podcast here.

Heading out for our annual Man Camp trip today and will be back Sunday afternoon. I have a couple of posts scheduled for Fri-Sun but will not be able to report any breaking stories until I get back.


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Man Camp, here we come!