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Monday, June 07, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Expansion talks continue to dominate college football news. Here is Joe Schad talking about the chances Texas leaves the Big 12.

• Mark Saxon at ESPN Los Angeles lays out possible expansion scenarios Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott talked about at the conference meetings this last Friday in San Francisco.

"Larry and the Pac-10 are being very proactive. That's what I like," said Washington athletic director Scott Woodward. "We're not the bug on the windshield. We're kind of driving the bus."

• George Schroeder shares his feature article that appeared in yesterday's R-G, "Winds of change blowing Pac-10's way." Here is just one clip from a great article.

Remember the good old days — last year — when the Pac-10 seemed content to, well, remember the good old days?

Goodbye to all of that. And for Oregon and Oregon State, change could be for the better.

Think piles of newfound cash. Fantastic exposure. And the chance to compete in a league that suddenly goes from overlooked and left behind to potentially overwhelming and leading the way.

Click here to read the entire story.


1 comment:

Dave said...

This is going to squash Arizona and Arizona State...or it will make them a powerhouse. Something has to break.