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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• What is better than beating the Dawgs on any given day? Beating them twice in one day in two different sports. The men's golf team took down the Washington Huskies 3-2 in NCAA match play yesterday and the baseball team scored three runs in the ninth inning to defeat the UConn Huskies 5-2 in the NCAA tournament.

The golf team takes on top seed Oklahoma a semi-final match this morning at 6am local time. Baseball action starts at 3:30pm local time against top seed Florida St. Good luck to both teams.

• The "O Heroes" are holding a food and furniture drive at the Chase Village on June 26th.

The goal is to reduce waste and trash left behind by U of O students moving out for the summer, that can’t move bigger or unwanted furniture items, clothing and extra food.

• Ted Miller looks at the Pac-10's most irreplaceable players and names Jeff Maehl as that player for the Ducks.

The Ducks likely will be a little more pass-happy next fall. That makes Maehl, the Ducks' best receiver, critical. He caught 53 passes for 696 yards and six touchdowns in 2009 and steadily improved throughout the season.

Miller also looks at who is "fully stocked" in the Pac-10 and starts off with Oregon.

On defense, the Ducks have capable backups who will see plenty of action this fall on all three levels. Things are particularly good at linebacker and in the secondary. On offense, the line isn't deep but there are six or seven guys whom coaches would be comfortable playing. If running back LaMichael James went down, there's always Kenjon Barner. Even at quarterback, where senior Nate Costa and Darron Thomas are locked in a tight competition, the Ducks wouldn't be crushed to go with either-or.

• George Schroeder recaps Chip Kelley's USO tour trip in this story from the R-G. Here is a sample.

Overseas, Kelly says that reality was reinforced, as was a “profound respect and admiration for the military.” He found parallels to football in leadership, organizational structure, teamwork and cooperation — and a big, important difference.

“Obviously, what they do is for real,” Kelly says. “What we do is a game.”


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Dave said...

Everyone but me seems just great with Nate or Darron. I'm still afraid.