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Friday, May 21, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley scoured Phil Steele's preseason all-conference lists to come up with the Ducks who made the grade. The first team selections include these Oregon players:

LaMichael James, RB
Bo Thran, OT
John Boyett, S

Check out the rest here.

Sticking with the preseason hype, Athlon has Oregon at #9 nationally. Sounds like they have pegged Costa as the starting QB. Here is a sample.

No pressure, Nate Costa. All you have to do is take a team that was thought by some to have serious national title aspirations and make sure it lives up to its potential.

Even if Costa is perfect, there’s some work to be done on the other side of the ball. The linebackers are fine, but the defensive front has to grow up, and the secondary needs depth. But that won’t attract the attention the quarterback position will — right, Nate?


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Dave said...

Oh, Nate can do it :)