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Monday, May 10, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Here is a little video of the festivities prior to the Spring Game last weekend courtesy of GoDucks.TV.

• Rob Moseley reports that the artificial turf replacement job at Autzen Stadium gets started this week.

Crews will arrive Monday to begin removing the FieldTurf surface installed in 2002. They will also level the playing field, removing a prominent crown that measures 2 percent.

The crown is very noticeable if you have walked on the field at Autzen.



Dave said... turf...I didn't think I realized that. That be cool.

blazer prophet said...

I didn't know we needed new turf. As to the crown, I thought it was there to drain water. Now we'll have a pond for the Ducks to play in.

DuckStud said...

I think it started out with a very gentle crown blazer and became more severe with time...