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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

The ever prolific ESPN blogger, Ted Miller, was busy yesterday with a quartet of "spring" related posts. He put a wrap on Oregon's spring by posing three question marks. Who will win the QB job, who will the kicker be, and will the defense be better in 2010 after surprising everyone last year.

Looking at the Pac-10 as a whole, Miller wonders if there is a Heisman candidate in one of these players.

As far as star power, there's plenty: Locker and Luck, the Rodgers brothers -- let's not forget receiver James is an All-American candidate -- and LaMichael James. There's got to be a Heisman Trophy candidate somewhere there.

Next up from Miller is "what we learned this spring" in the Pac-10.

Reports of Oregon's demise are greatly exaggerated: Some of you might recall that I not so long ago predicted that Oregon would end up in a BCS bowl game -- THE BCS bowl game. But Masoli was far from the only reason expectations were so high. The Ducks are talented across the board and they are still a top contender for the Pac-10 title.

Rounding out Miller's quartet of stories is this one on "the best of spring" in the Pac-10.

Best competition heading into fall, offense: Nate Costa vs. Darron Thomas to be Oregon's quarterback.

Best position change: Oregon switched Dion Jordan from tight end to defensive end, where his athleticism suggested he could become a dangerous pass rusher. Jordan was going no where at tight end. He may end up in the NFL as a defensive end.

Rob Moseley was busy yesterday as well as he posted three stories for your reading pleasure. He starts by looking at the coaching transition at Tennessee. Will they be ready for the Ducks come September?

Continuing his spring review series, Rob looks at the linebackers and the defensive line.

Linebacker: Michael Clay can capably spell Spencer Paysinger at the weak-side position (WILL), or the Ducks can give middle linebacker Casey Matthews a break by inserting Clay and sliding Paysinger into the middle spot (MIKE).

Defensive line: The Ducks knew what they had in seniors Brandon Bair and Kenny Rowe. In looking for a tackle to start next to Bair, there were a handful of candidates, including some promising newcomers. But Zac Clark got the first shot based on his experience last season, and he consistently played stout rush defense over the course of spring drills to hold on to the job entering the summer.


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Dave said...

Bair and Rowe are gonna be tough to beat this year...those guys are monsters. And...I think playing Tennessee has more to do with being there, than their coaching situation. They'll be ready...foolish to think they won't be. Word.