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Friday, May 07, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Expansion or partnership? With Pac-10 and Big-12 television contracts expiring after the 2010-11 season there are rumors of partnership talks going on between the two. Ted Miller delves deeper.

Big 12 and Pac-10 administrators and athletic directors met Wednesday in Phoenix, and afterwards Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott used terms like "strategic alliance" and "pooling TV rights" and "joint network."

There are plenty of reasons the conferences could work together, starting with geography: They are the only two BCS conferences entirely located west of the Mississippi River. It would be easier for the Pac-10 to partner with a conference in the Mountain and Central time zones, rather than one that's entirely in the East, such as the ACC.

Miller also posted the just released Pac-10 bowl schedule for 2010-11.

Rob Moseley continues his "Spring Review" series as he looks at the offensive line and the receivers and tight ends.

O Line: C.E. Kaiser, Bo Thran, Mark Asper and Jordan Holmes return and there is no threat that anyone will take those jobs anytime soon. But Carson York is mending this spring, and Darrion Weems is making the most of the situation.

An athletic player who didn’t always seem to get the most out of his talents in the past, Weems worked all spring with the No. 1 offensive line.

Receivers and tight ends: Jeff Maehl returns and isn't giving up on his usual spot in the highlight reels.

The most consistent production on offense throughout the month seemed to come from Maehl. He has good hands, great toughness and outstanding athleticism, all the attributes necessary to become a top-flight Pac-10 receiver as a senior.

At tight end, David Paulson slid seamlessly into the starting spot vacated by Ed Dickson. He continues to have the best hands on the team, and to hone the other elements of his game.

Justin Hoffman had a prime opportunity to make a name for himself, and the walk-on from Eugene did just that. He consistently caught the ball, occasionally made spectacular plays and routinely got open.



Dave said...

I like the idea of teaming with the Big 12...the more exposure, the better.

blazer prophet said...

Something I have always wanted to do was have a conference v. conference Saturday. Via coin flips... the Pac-10 teams would square off with another conference, top to bottom. Our supposed #1 would play their #1, our #2 v. their #2... and at the end of the day see which conference won more games. I'd love to do this against an ACC or Big East (two conferences that get too much east coast love from the media, if you ask me).

DuckStud said...

Yeah I kinda of think this partnership things makes way more sense than expansion and the Big 12 would be a good matchup...