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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

• Rob Moseley starts off his Spring Review series by highlighting the QB's and running backs.

QB: Nate Costa seemed to have a slight edge over sophomore Darron Thomas, but Thomas roared to the finish over the final two weeks of camp to make the competition essentially a dead heat.

The two are not only close in production but also have relatively similar skill-sets, setting the stage for a competition that doesn’t figure to be settled until late August.

RB: He didn’t get a whole lot of action [at the Spring Game], but LaMichael James didn’t have much to prove, either. Kenjon Barner took yet another step, showing the ability to be an every-down back.

Oregon coaches talk about wanting to get their best 11 players on the field as often as possible; if that’s the case, opposing defenses should face a lot of two-back sets in the fall. James and Barner are two of the best football players on the team, period.



Dave said...

I love all of the wrinkles with the two-back set. You never know who's going to get it, and the misdirections can just confuse a defense so well. Throw in our others backs...Seastrunk...and it could get lethal.

DuckStud said...

...and it would take a lot of pressure off the QB which would probably be a good thing, especially early in the season as they get their feet wet....

blazer prophet said...

The only problem I forsee is that unless we have either two wideouts that can blaze or one wideout with a TE adept at getting downfield, teams will put 8 or 9 players in the 'box' and force our QB to make quick reads and even quicker passes.

I like the idea of motioning Barner into the slot and make him a third receiver. A quick slant pass to him in the open field and he can really create havoc. But I really don't know how good a receiver he is.

c0527onniemcgehee said...

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DuckStud said...

I think the coaches will figure out just what you are talking about blazer and mix in short quick passes to give the qb's some confidence and keep the D honest...hoping anyway :)