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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Ted Miller wraps up Oregon's Spring Game and came pretty close to my own conclusions. He highlighted the play of Terrance Michell, Kenjon Barner, Jeff Maehl, D.J. Davis, and Justin Hoffman while noting the QB saga continues.

Ted also has a revamped Pac-10 power ranking now that spring practice has concluded. He dropped Oregon to number two based on the fact that the Ducks will have a new starter at QB this year. He also said the Ducks are the fastest team in the conference.

Ivan Maisel calls the Pac-10 the most interesting conference in the land.

Andy Mac reports that LaMichael James has been named to the preseason All-American second team by

Rob Moseley has a Q&A session with Nate Costa and Darron Thomas. Here is a quote from Costa.

Question: How does the lack of a decision about a starting quarterback affect you guys?

Answer: I think it just heats up the competition, puts a little bit more fuel to the fire. It’s going to make us better, therefore it’s going to make our team better. Some teams like to name a starter after the spring, but I think it’s a good move by coach Kelly because he knows it’s going to make our team better in the end.



Dave said...

Now it's all about who works harder when coach isn't looking at you...Nate or Darron. Exciting stuff.

Dave said...

Funny Terminator video Dadio :)

blazer prophet said...

This is a very funny UO cheerleader video (PG rated, so safe)


DuckStud said...

Thanks for the link blazer...posting now...awesome!