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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

Rob Moseley looks at the compelling list of former Oregon tight ends who who made it to the NFL.

Russ Francis, Jeff Thomason, Willy Tate, Josh Wilcox, Enyi Nwamuo, Tim Day, Blake Spence, Jed Weaver, Justin Peelle, George Wrighster and Dante Rosario.

Ed Dickson has his chance in the NFL draft which starts tomorrow.

Perhaps the best tight end ever to come out of Eugene, Russ Francis, was selected in the first round in 1975. The Ducks didn’t have another tight end drafted for 23 years, but lately it has become a regular occurrence.

Good luck Ed!

Speaking of former players how about this list which Tony Fransisco of Duck Sports Authority put together, All-Time Oregon Offense and Defense based on college production.

Not sure if I agree with his choices but a respectable effort.

Did Pete Carroll leave USC because of Jeremiah Masoli? Dan Patrick reports that is Rick Neuheisel's theory.

"In my heart of hearts, I think he got tired of trying to defend these different kind of offenses," Neuheisel said. "Oregon had their way with Pete's defense. ... I think he got tired of having the quarterback be a factor in the running game."

BCS reps are meeting in Scottsdale, AZ and the hot topic is expansion. Ted Miller relates Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott's feelings on the matter.

"I keep asking 'why?'" Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said before joining his colleagues in the BCS meetings at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort.

While the general feeling is the Pac-10 will need to expand to keep up with a potential 16-team Big Ten, Scott's thoughts on the matter didn't seemed much changed from what he has been saying for months: The Pac-10 is seriously considering expansion but will only do so if it means more revenue per team in an expanded conference.


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