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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Duck Stuff: Morning Mud

There was no letdown after Wednesday's scrimmage as the Ducks were flying all over the field in yesterday's practice according to John Hunt. TE Brandon Williams caught Hunt's eye on one particular play.

The Brandon Williams show continued. It took six tacklers – including Cliff Harris leaping on the pile – to bring down the athletic tight end on one catch over the middle. And that was after Williams ran out of his shoe.

Rob Moseley noted that third string QB Daryle Hawkins is making his own bid for the starting job.

Hawkins caught my eye more today than any other practice this spring, for both his passing and running.

Chris Courtney continues his excellent writing with his coverage of the practice.

The perceived edge that senior quarterback Nate Costa had over redshirt sophomore Darron Thomas appears to be dissipating with each passing practice. At this point, the race for who will be the starter come September is too close to call. 

Today, Thomas seemed to outplay Costa overall. Particularly in 3-on-2 and 7-on-7 drills, Thomas was the more accurate quarterback; targeting and completing throws to senior wideouts Jeff Maehl and D.J. Davis with consistency. 

The highlight of this morning's practice arguably came during 3-on-2 drills when Thomas demonstrated terrific touch on a deep ball to Maehl that required tremendous concentration by the Paradise, Calif. native as he made an impressive over-the-shoulder catch.



Dave said...

This is the most encouraging spring of all time. I wonder if the UO staff told reporters that they need to keep it positive to keep the fans energized given the offseason issues. It almost seems too good to be true. Word.

DuckStud said...

I don't know Dave but I like it...QB's are still a little shaky (turnovers) but I think they will settle down by Fall camp...